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    Hi im 8 weeks pregnant with my first child,im 35.i really want to tell my sister as she has had a child in the last 6 months & I feel she probably knows the answers to some of the many questions going around in my head ,but im nervous that if i tell her before my 12 weeks scan that something will go wrong…..i probably sound mental!!.i just really want this pregnancy to go well as have wanted children for a long time,any advice?…

    also can i eat philadelphia cheese?!…i know your not meant to eat soft cheeses but im not sure is philadelphia included in that,
    thanks in advance to anyone who responds


    Congrats on your exciting news!

    Its hard to keep it from a sister when you’re close. My hubby wanted to wait until 12 weeks but I caved and told my sis at 7 or 8 weeks, just needed to talk with her about it and glad I did, she was a great person for me to talk to it about. I am not sure about philadelphia, I stayed away from it myself but check with your GP or midwife at your next appt.

    I stay away from shellfish, raw eggs, too much tea/coffee & alcohol

    I have a cup of coffee every other day ( but did not really drink it in 1st trimester, as was so sick with morning sickness) and now that am at 24 weeks, I have the odd glass red wine occasionally but generally stay away from alcohol.

    There are a lot of do’s and don’t, a good idea is to pick up some books on pregnancy for tips on that. A good book to start with is Tracy Donegan’s Better Birth Book, its for women in Ireland and is really informative.

    Again, big congratulations!! Welcome to Mumstown, happy chatting. 😀


    Thanks for your advice, I think I may fold & tell her at the weekend!.

    I think ill stay away from alcohol as im so nervous that I may harm the bump,i just want everything to go well & have a healthy baby at the end of it.

    how are you getting on with your pregnancy?….24 weeks seems so far away right now,im just really looking forward to my scan at 12 weeks,im nearly counting down the days!


    after 12 weeks you can relax a bit as the sickness & tiredness and risk of miscarrige lessen. I was wrecked for the first 3 months, could not have gone near anything like coffee, wine or anything spicy or strong smelling. It was all water and crackers and funnily enough, lots of fruit.

    Feel great now, still able to get around well so enjoying it all very much at the moment. (I may not be so pleasant in another 10 weeks or so though!!) 😆 😆

    let us know how you get on with your sis – its so hard to keep something like this from someone you are close to.

    Take care and enjoy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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