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    My wonderful little man of 5mths has over last 2wks, started to wake approx 6hrs after he goes to bed at nite. He is in a cot beside our bed, starts crying, splitting out the dummy etc…
    I have tried extra food at nite and during the day, thinking he was hungry…he is teething a bit, but at this stage I think he is "acting up"..any advice out there on how to handle this…
    many thks,


    this is a hard one without knowing all the ins and outs.would he be a bit cold.when i put mine in the cot i used to wrap them in a blanket aswell.you know the way the cot is so open and then the matress on then is not really that snug.does he need reassurance that your there.i would pick mine up and snuggle them but i would never turn on the light or talk to them.id hold them for a little while and they seemed to settle again.its so hard to know,i dont really think little babys play up.your not spoiling them by picking them up at night.there is something annoying him and he just needs to know that you will sort it.im sure it will pass.enjoy him.


    My God, this is exactly the same as my 5mth old!! Maybe they all meet and agree to do this by the 5th month just to keep us on our toes!! Seriously I think it is just the change in their routine from only bottle feeding to solids, as well as the fact they are so much more alert and wanting to find out about their environment…the only consolation is that it doesn’t last forever (I wish I had realised this on my first as I thought I was gong to lose my mind due to lack of sleep!!)…my only advise is to wait it out!!!


    We have twins and they both started that at about 6 months. We invested in the sleeping bags you can get and took off the blankets. This seemed to do the trick for us. It makes it tough when you don’t get the sleep, but it will get better 😆


    God, its funny being a mother of a baby, youa re always trying to second guess whats wrong withthem.

    My thoughte on it were the same as the suggestions as above:
    -More food (may be going through a growth spurt)
    -Cold (sleeping bags are the best invention)
    -Would he be wet
    – Maybe he is just teething?

    It is probably just a phase & will pass.

    Sometimes you wish they could talk to you.

    Im having a similar problem with my 21 month year old, he was a great sleeper till a couple of weeks ago & now keeps waking during the night moaning & up from about 5.30am. He is as craky as hell during the day then. I think it is his teeth but not 100% sure. He has other medicals issues so maybe one of them is hurting him. he is not talking much yet, so he cant express himself. Hopefully it passes soon.

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