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Hi girls!

Moonflower and anyone else – I hope you complained about your treatment at laytown…that is awful!

For anyone hoping to breastfeedI would recommend you attend a LLL meeting before you give birth and in the very least, in the early stages. There is a Bettystown group and a Dundalk group. Also, Carol runs a bfing support group from Slane!

In OLOL make sure you ask to see the Bfing consultant – her name is June and she is an angel! She is brilliant after you are discharged as well…if you are bfing and have ANY questions or worries please remember to phone parentcraft and ask them… they are happy to address your queries! On my first my baby lost alot of weight cause I had a bad latch..I went up to OLOl and they spent hours with me getting my baby on and supporting me. The help is there…just ask!

Breastfeeding can be tough…so try to surround yourself with women who breastfeed. The support is vital for a good experience! There will be times when its sore…or tiring…or feels like baby is feeding FOREVER but its very rewarding too 😀 I just weaned my wee man at 15 months 😥 and can honestly say it was a really lovely experience.

What ever you decide to do or however you decide to feed – ENJOY!!! Feeding your baby is one of life’s little pleasures!! 😀