Hi Trixiebell,

Thanks a million, that would be great if i could get that highchair from you. Please can you send me a pm with your address/ contact details & when you are available for me to collect it? I will pick it up when ever suits you. I’m sure i could get a harness in mothercare or smyths – do you think?? Thanks again.

Taylor, yes i eventually didget a minder for my ds. I am very happy with choice, she seemed to click with ds straight away, he couldn’t stop smiling the whole time we were with her, hopefully my instict is right but you still worry, you can never be 100%. She also got two very good recommendations from people i know, so i am very happy about that. Anyway, back to work in April, so hopefully everything will work out fine. My dad is going to be minding him every Monday, so you will probably see him walking the roads in Five oaks as he normally walks about 10 miles a day & then the minder will have him for the other four days a week. Thanks so much for all your help.