€5 offer for kids at Salt Cave Balbriggan, €10 for accompanying adults!

For the month of October, there is a special half price offer for kids at only €5 for the Salt caves to help with asthma, coughs, colds, sinuses etc. For an accompanying adult, its only €10! Using 100% natural ingredients and a patented technique that’s our own invention, we have succeeded in creating tiles containing […]

Salt Lamp for asthma, colds, sinuses & general wellbeing!

This Salt lamp is made with Black salt, from the Black Salt caves in Transylvania! It helps with asthma, sinuses and general well being, especially as weather gets colder and we enter cold & flu season! Our little munchkin has asthma and at this time of year she always get snuffly and starts coughing, so […]

Salt Cave Halotherapy – for better health!

Salt Cave Halotherpay  is so brilliant for anyone with sinus issues, hayfever or asthma. The organic Black Salt in the sale cave helps clear out bunged up sinuses! Located on Railway St. in Balbriggan, just beside the train station, relaxing in the dark, cool rooms made from Black Salt, helps clear out sinuses to improves […]