• This week Meath County Council sent ‘Contractors’ to do some completely unnecessary work on the driveway outside our house. The contractors explained that because there was a small patch of path in the drive that was a different colour from the rest of the pat, Meath County Council declared it needed to be dug up and re-cemented in one colour. The…[Read more]

  • Sabbi replied to the topic A&E delays…. in the forum National Chat 1 month ago

    Nope, he’s not himself at all

    He is going dolally we think. He is normally a cheerful man, he stops and talks to everyone on the street and everyone knows him because he used to be a postman but in the past few weeks, he thinks people are either blanking him or talking about him behind his back,

    he heard someone making a joke about him in a bar…[Read more]

  • Yesterday evening I got a piercing headache on one side of my head. I had to lay down because the pain was so awful, plus I felt dizzy and sick and the light was hurting me.

    I broke in to a full body sweat, I literally had to towel the sweat off of me, it was running down my face but I had chills down my body. I felt sick and dizzy and then I…[Read more]

  • Its so difficult to know what to do about things like this – maybe call ISPCA?

  • Sabbi replied to the topic A&E delays…. in the forum National Chat 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    He’s doing ok. He had an ‘episode’ like a minor heart attack but he’s doing ok. He’s home and resting and is on meds to keep his heart from going too fast. He has a spray for under his tongue if he feels bad again and if that doesn’t work – back to A&E

    He looked very ill last week but every day he is looking a little bit better.

    fingers crossed…[Read more]

  • has anyone seen Captain Marvel yet? I am wondering if its appropriate for my 11 and 7 year olds to see in cinema?

  • Sabbi started the topic A&E delays…. in the forum National Chat 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    My Dad had to go to A&E yesterday, he has a stent in his heart and his blood pressure was very high so his doctor sent him straight in away because he was worried about his heart. he has had a heart attack before so he has to be careful.

    I brought him in at 11.30pm and at 10pm last night, he was still sitting in the waiting area. They eventually…[Read more]

  • Oh its coming Munchin!!! He gets alot of time on his PS once he has studied and also, after he goes to football training and GAA training. Its his favourite hobby but he does get a bit carried away on it and he doesn’t want to get off it once he gets hooked into a game.

    it can be very addictive but in fairness to him, the contract was funny!!

  • So, our son is studying for his Junior Cert. Well, I say studying but in reality, we are making him study. Its been a battle of wills here since the start of the year when we stopped him playing games on his playstation to study instead.

    He is constantly trying to get back on his PS, he will study for a bit and then come down and hassle us in the…[Read more]

  • I don’t know what’s got into our 7 year old over the past couple of weeks but her behaviour has been terrible! She is being very naughty. She’s shouting, screaming and whistling and fighting with her older sisters and brother. She has been pushing, hitting and scraping them and then, she has been biting herself and saying that they did it to…[Read more]

  • What about Next? they could be worth a look and they do ages 12, 13, 14 etc.

    they have also started to carry some designer lines so she might find something she likes there. you can order online and get free delivery too,

    Good luck with the shopping, let us know how you get on.

    I’ll be Confirmation shopping next year so I’d love to know what…[Read more]

  • Our daughter has been driving us mad to go to the teen disco at Tamango Nightclub called, Shade Presents: Mid-Term Blowout.

    We were hesitant because she is only 13 but after looking into it, decided to let her go. Its from 7pm-11pm but we’ll be collecting her at around 10. Once we had agreed all that, I went to book her ticket and was pretty…[Read more]

  • Hey all,

    Need some advice!

    Has anyone let their child go to Hype disco for primary school children in TLT? Our 11 year old is asking about going but we are not sure….have not had any experience of it so need some advice. thanks mammies!!

  • I am delighted to say that today, my 92 year old Nanny, went shopping! My aunt took her back to the shopping centre in Charlestown that they always go to (the one where she had her terrible accident). When she was in hospital after the awful fall she said to me that her shopping days are over and she did not think she would be able to get out and…[Read more]

  • Our daughter has asthma and when the weather turns damp or very cold, she can get nasty infections and breathing difficulties from it. We used to have her on a blue inhaler when it flared up but now we have her on a brown one every day for preventative care and the blue one only if she really needs it. We have to be careful not to let her use the…[Read more]

  • Just gone 8am and already, we’ve had a spam caller today. We are ex-directory and we’ve told Vodafone about it but they say there’s nothing they can do. They said we should tell the Gardai…..yeah right, as if the Gardai have time for spam calls!! So annoying!

    I wish we could stop them!!!!!

  • Good news – my Nan got home from hospital a few days before Christmas and is doing really well. She was back up to the shopping centre last week and managed to get around ok. This incident knocked her but she is doing great. I am so happy she is home and recuperating. So many people sent her well wishes after the accident and they showed her such…[Read more]

  • Is today the worst Monday of the year?? Getting back to school/work and normality feels so difficult this morning after the lovely break.

    Did anyone else have trouble getting to sleep last night?? Must have been ‘The Fear’ of getting back to work/school today kept me awake for a bit.

    Roll on Friday!!! So tired!!! Took me ages to get to sleep…[Read more]

  • My grandmother was involved in a terrible accident a few days ago. She was coming up the escalator in Charlestown Shopping centre and as she neared the top with her trolley in front of her, a child ran on to the escalator (he was running down the escalator in the wrong direction as she my Nan was coming up) and she let go of her trolley because…[Read more]

  • Is anyone else a tad overwhelmed with the amount of charity collections/drives going on atm? We personally support local & national charities that are personal to us and our family but it seems requests for money & donations are at an all time high this year. Or is it just me?

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