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    SELSUN is a medicated shampoo I’ve just started using (I have scalp psoriasis) and it seems to beworking! My flare up has definitely been soothed and is alot less flakey.

    My sister was told to use it as a body wash for a skin infection she had on her back, so you could use it all over I presume.

    You can get it in the pharmacy for about €5.

  • Delighted to hear it Siobhan. My pleasure. I’ve actually sold out of everything! Its a been fantastic start. I’ve a pretty big stock order from a shop too for after christmas… and I thought I was going to get a rest this christmas! 😆 😆 😆

  • My kids went back today after two weeks off. If this rumoured bad weather thats due this week comes, and the schools close, then I’m due a little mental breakdown:)

  • There is a small toy shop in skerries a few doors down from the Church, we got them in there a few weeks back:) They have all sorts of things, new and nostalgic.

  • Aw thanks for that Kate, so glad you like them, and really appreciate the feedback!


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    Dun Na Ri is afantastic forest park in Kings Court (Cavan) opposite Cabra Castle. Its not too far from me, 20 mins maybe, but from Drogheda 40 mins maybe. There’s still be snow there too, I’d say, and the hill is fantastic, just make sure a grown up stays at the bottom to save the kiddies going into the bushes. Try the fresh drinking water spring…[Read more]

  • Yes I do… its Grapefruit Essential Oil.

    PM on the way



  • My 3 girls have been off all last week, and will be off ’till Friday at the earliest this week!

    My youngest is 5 and they are all well able to do some chores… so today begins ‘The Christmas Clean’ where all the otherwise ignored nooks, crannies and ledges get cleaned! And I’ll reward them with Hot Chocolate later:)

  • EJ replied to the topic sleighs??? in the forum National Chat 12 years ago

    We got a red one, a similar sleigh to that green one on that website, in smyths Drogheda for about €20 during the week. It’s a blast the kids love it, we’ve taken it to Dun Na Ri, and up the Mournes over the weekend, Its great!

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    My hubbie cleared out all his unwanted winter jackets and gave them to the Drogheda Homeless Aid during the week, he’s in workwear so he had tonnes and they’re all quality gear, and they’re not old, but they would really appreciate similar stuff I’m sure, if anyone had it to give.

  • EJ replied to the topic Wicker Furnture in the forum National Chat 12 years ago

    Argos, or IKEA, M&S Home, Next Home, Oxendales or Littlewoods are all some options for you 😀


  • Collon Christmas fair moved ’till next sunday December 12th.
    I’ll be at the Slane Christmas Fair that day… all going to plan:)

  • Slane Fair Cancelled unfortunately due to the weather.

    Collon christmas fair is going ahead, this Sunday 2-6pm. So I am taking a stall there. Santa will be there, Huskeys and sledges too! Relevant roads are being prepared:)


  • I’ll be at the upcoming Slane Millhouse Christmas Craft Fair this Sunday December 5th! I have lovely christmas gift ideas: tea cup candles with essential oils or coffee cups infused with real ground coffee. Also: Wax tart melts and Jar Candles. Hope to see some of you then:)

    Please PM me for more info.

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    Oh we went to Belvedere house last christmas, to see their Green Santa. The kids went through the Narnia wardrobe, planted a holly tree, and got wild seed shakers for a gift.

    The whole site is great, the lake and forest has playgrounds dotted here and there, although it was freezing and lashingthe day we went.

    I have to say though, we queued for…[Read more]

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    Meriam would be great, but so would anyone with a bit of sense! The minimum wage is now down under €8 per hour, his wage is over €100 per hour plus expenses. And he and his public servant mates all remain untouchable thanks to the Good Friday agreement. Where’s the fairness in that? So… everyone must take a cut, except those of course wor…[Read more]

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    No Scole, I agree with you, like I said in my earlier post, Newbridge house and Ardgillan both have fantastic free playgrounds, its a bit steep for a Bison Farm with a few painted teepees in it by the looks of it.

  • The Irish rugby ream are one of the better examples of the Irish Male specimin. I love to watch rugby, havnt a clue whats going on technically… but who cares?

  • EJ replied to the topic Brian Cowan in the forum National Chat 12 years ago

    I do feel sorry for Brian Lenihan, and he’s not looking too well at all this past week or so. He is an intelligent and articulate man, and I have a certain amout of respect for him.

    On the other hand Brian Cowen is actually largely responsible for the mess we are in, and the irritating thing is that does not see that he is in any way to blame,…[Read more]

  • Oh yes the men, we are a very lucky race of women with all that viking and celtic blood racing through the veins of all our fine men!

    I love the way a group of Irish men might stop what ever they are doing and watch you pass by. Whatever age, size or shape you are… puts a little smile on my face, so we’ve not gotten too PC in that regard:)

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