• i have to agree.our semi was like living in same house as nexdoor.also was brought up in a semi, very litl noise.solid,but unfortunately my parents still live in the house for over55yr and in recent yrs since the neighbours passed on, they have been very unlucky with thehouse being rented to various people, nothing but trouble,noise,filth.parking…[Read more]

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    ds was just b4 5yr. left 1euro then on the next few teeth rate went up to 2euro 😕 :the norm is anytime from age 4 to age 7,actually my nephew was 8and half now i think about it.i hate when they wobbling the tooth and it hanging by a thread 🙄 gives me the shivers

  • aww good luck to all the litl uns starting next week and all the mammys and daddys. i bawled for the whole weekend b4 ds started. held my emotions on the day.didnt helpthat i was preggers hormones dd starting i feel more excited than anything for her.althou she looks tiny in the uniform.shes sooo proud. hopfully ds will look out for her…[Read more]

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    yep i got it deleted b4 he saw it. 😉

  • im born and bred irish but i agree with u , iv asked lots of friends and neighbours do they get them as often and the only other one who does is originally from uk.jeez thats a pain having to get it stamped the whole time.i wonder how long it takes to get payment started back again. iv sent everything they required in to them.havent got anything…[Read more]

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    this reminds me i once was textin my mam moaning about dh and what did i do i sent the text tho his ohone 😳 had to race over when i heard the beeps and realised what i done.grab his dh gets emails on his phone and i look at these time to time as he does forget to tell me news about mutual friends such as pregnancynews jobs,nitesout…[Read more]

  • i get them evry 1to 2 months.apparently they pick people randomly, sothe guy from dept told me. just be careful as sometimes you dont receive the letteir till two wks after postdated which means you only have aweek till the 21 days up. thats been my experience anyway.i learnt hard way also.and when u ring, hard to get trou on hold around half an…[Read more]

  • depends on child.hard to know really.i think most schools now they have to b 4 before march if they are to b accepted .i know thats the case with my localschool. my ds was 5 and 4mnths starting. dd will b 4and 6mnths.he just didnt seem ready at4 emotionally,dd is well ready .just diffrent personalities.dont think it makes too much difference in…[Read more]

  • yuk itchyscratchy .hate them.have not had to dealwith them yet.well not at grand with injuries blood gore ,puke etc but something thats alive and crawling arrrgh 😯 dd startingschool. methinks i going to boots get one ofthem combs

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    hello. congrats to all leavingcerters. congrats yummy for your bro.hope all well with u.tell your mami said hi.busy as ever here

  • just to say its not the regular tomeetipee the closer to nature colic ones that were leaky. the regular one i have is grand but my dd sucks so hard that the soft teat keeps going into the bottle i prob get avent as there bit firmer if i wean fully onto bottle.

  • sorry to hear about your can be so cruel.glad you got the hospital care you (and every woman)deserve.will keep you and others that lost their babies in my prayers

  • im using my avent steriliser. once its cleaned out and in good working order .it will take tommeetipee bottles but i only sterilise maximum two tomtip bottles at a time along with the soothers as i only topping up with bottle.dont know how many would fit in tbh as they bit wider.have you bought the tomeetipee bottles. i have to say im not pushed…[Read more]

  • tesco and aldi for main shop. tuites for meat fishshop laurence st for for eco nappies as dd allergic to pamper and hugs leak.i spend my week shopping 🙄 tried lidl but i have to say the quality of their baby trollies disgraceful.only one or two thats not broken or without straps.last time had to place carrytot into a trolley which…[Read more]

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    the time i was in aura pool with kids about a yr or so ago we werejust winding up toleave the babypool and some woman plonked in her very young toddler with armbands and off she went into the big pool 😯 i dontknow whether she thought i would watch him buti called her as wewere going anyhow and also he wasnt my responsibility.she gave me…[Read more]

  • my thoughts and prayers to gerrys family,partner melanie and his friends.he may have been a broadcasting legend, but it is very clear,,he was a wonderful father to his children and was loved by his many friends’ may his memory live on .rest in peace.

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    shesdoing good thanks yummy. bit lively during the night but sur we will cope.trying to njoy the early stage as much as i can as it goes so quik.shes a dote thou even thou im biased 😀 😀 😀 . thanks munchin. yes a litl girl arrived on duedatea week ago .all well thankgod .

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    hello ev1. god reading this thread wud have u luv to be going to pizzeria mmmm .njoy yummy 😉 my appetite this week is huge.always found that when little doll is snuggled on my chest here fast it 🙂

  • god i was just thinking yestrday there was a strong flowery smell in house. i thought it was off the packaging of a present someone had dropped in.then i got it again last nite insittingroom.was going around sniffing things. thout mayb my neighbours perfume as shed been in 4 visit but strange it was the very same smell asearlier 😕 it gone today.…[Read more]

  • mary e hope your feeling better soon .i was fine on no 1 but rotten sick with 2 and 3 🙁 .just a bit of advise if ur puking and dont think your keeping down the antibiotics it mite be worth letting gp know just in case, if they not getting into your system you may need intravenous antibiotics.dont mean to frighten you or anything but i ts just if…[Read more]

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