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    hey guys since wispa is back on the shelves just wondering does anyone else have anything that brings them back to their youth, maybe the opel fruits now star burst, marthon bar that’s now the snickers…..

    or any cheap crunchie crisps etc…..ohhh like cruchoos ( the cave man shaped crisps that were hard and crunchy and falvoured bacon etc), or banshee bones, the fizzy lollies, the time bars ( the hard caramel bars covered in white choclate) the macaroon bars etc…..

    go on spill your sweet tooth cravings…..


    My favourite were fizzle sticks. They came in green, orange and pink and they were yum. I wish they’d bring them back. I had a wispa for the first time in years the other day yum yum yum.


    Posie you have just made me sooo happy, nobody ever remembers fizzle sticks. I LOVED them, God if they came back I’d be a two tonne tessy


    They are called lazer bars, i remember chocolate mice, white penny chewing gums, alphabet biscuits, When a sweet mix was 35p you would get the whole hour of mass out of one bag!!
    The big boxes of smarties my dad use to bring home every week in the 80’s when he was on the labour! We would have to make them last for days! The 80’s where very hard how did we all get threw! I remember my neighbour having to cut up his bannisters where we lived in ballymum and using it for firewood because they had no money and 5 kids!!!!!!!!! Its all coming back now i could go on for hours! But my mum always made sure we never went without. I really appreciate them for what they did alot of people never made it back from the 80’s.. Oh god im getting all pregnanty hormonal!


    oh the chocolate mice, loved them. those fizzle sticks were lovely too, i think i am thinking of the right ones 😕 . god i remember when you could go into a shop with 50p and get a bar, crisps and drink for it.

    does anyone remember the old loughrans chipper? their chips were amazing and the scallops. we used to go posing down town on a saturday afternoon and on way home stop at loughrans for bag of chips and some scallops. oh my mouth is watering 😆 😆 😆 😆


    so longs
    penny lollypops
    rainblow chewing gum
    time bars
    milky moos
    rainbow drops

    I know theres more but can’t think of them yet


    Fizzle sticks were about the size of a pen. I loved 10p mixes and the fake teeth. Quarters of apple drops, bon bons etc. Yeah I remember when 50p was loads of money. Things like mars bars etc were luxuries. I remember them costing about 35p but you could get a mint crisp or chomp for 10p. God I sound soooooooooooo old 😳


    10p Icepops from the ‘icer’ (icecream van)


    cool pops


    Posie I remember getting 10p pocket money, now how old do I sound 😆 😆 😆

    Does anyone remember the 10 savings stamps from the post office, we would get 20p a week but we had to save half. Thats why Im such a tight wad 😆 😆 😆

    Oh the pound shop sells white mice and they are just like they were years ago…. I buy bag loads of them 😳 😳 😳


    How about WHAM bars they were chewy and pink with sparkly sour bits dotted throughout, think they had a blue wrapper?


    5p pickled onion a team crisps and snowballs ( i no u can still get them now but i loved them) rainbow drops, macaroon bar


    pow wow spearamint chewy 2p sweets
    refresher sweets
    golf ball 1p chewing gum

    my parents owned a sweet shop!!!!


    you lucky B**** star


    Klipso bars – loved them!

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