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    In two weeks, I will have a chance to express parents concerns to a town panel.

    I wanted to open up the floor to yous … to express your opinions & concerns about local issues and help make parents concerns heard.

    Over to you …


    Just looking for bit more info on who the town panel are and how did you get the chance to do this…………thanks.



    Lack of playgrounds or open areas for kids to play, one playground for a town of this size is madness

    Tonnes of house being built but no new schools either primary or secondary


    DS’s school is loosing 4 subsitute teachers becasue of the budget cutbacks, so if a teacher is off sick, there will be no one to teach the classes 👿

    Cars SPEEDING up Rathmullan Road, ramps are definitely needed where thetwo housing estates Highlands and Riverbank are, its worse than a racing track. Its a residential area, but the cars do 60-70 mph.


    I have a big complaint – Lack of facilities for local voluntary groups – Boyne A.C. no facilities
    Girl Guides no facilities
    I.W.A no facilities
    Drogheda Special Olympics Club – no facilities

    Pay Parking on a Sunday down at the Port – Drogheda must be the only place where you have to pay to park going to Mass

    Education – Teachers being Cut

    Disability – 4% Funding Cut

    Level of Unemployement rising

    Vat Increase – uncall for

    I could go on……..


    Brilliant … keep them coming …

    Just to explain myself a bit more … I’m a mum of 3 primary school aged kids and I am meeting with Rachel Pearson.


    – A lot of the creches dont take children until they are one years old. I know the reasons why they dont do it (need more staff etc) but it is not fair on mothers who have to go back to work. If they have been given a creche licence by the government then they should be made take children from six months, as that is all the maternity leave that the government has given the mothers.

    – Insufficent Playgrounds/parks in the town. When i walk with my ds, i have no where locally to bring him to play.

    – Schools, i have enrolled my ds in 3 schools in the hope of getting a place in one but no guarantee that i will get one. Plus all of those three schools need new buildings, they are all partly made up of pre-fabs. Really not good enough in this day & age.

    Best of luck with meeting, please let us know how you get on.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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