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    Hi everyone,

    As you may know Our Lady of Lourdes Birth Matters Consumer Maternity group has been running for 2 years. During this time input from consumers has helped improve women’s experiences in the maternity unit.

    Recognizing that it can be difficult to get to meetings due to family/work obligations we’d like to get your feedback on your thoughts of the maternity unit.

    What improvements would you like to see?

    Are there areas that you’d like to see stay the same?

    Did a particular member of staff make your experience in the maternity unit a memorable one?

    Have you experienced maternity care outside of the North East – how does the Lourdes maternity unit measure up?

    If you prefer you can PM me your suggestions.

    With your input and support we can continue to improve the services of the Lourdes maternity unit through 2009.

    Thank you in advance

    Tracy Donegan

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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