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    For anyone who likes to read or bring the children for books, your local library could be the perfect place for you.

    I go to one on the square in Balbriggan and it is fantastic. I bring the kids often and we all love it. There is a play area for kids with books and colouring and DVD’s to rent out and a great selection for adults too.

    You can even reserve a book and they’ll phone you when it comes in and they also have the daily papers and internet.

    Its a great place for finding out about community events too.

    Well worth checking out your local library, free and very educational!


    I’ll second that. Dundalk has a fabulous library. Massive Kids section and now in the summer they will have someone reading books on a Wednesday morning.

    Big selection of Adults Novels and you can order a book, they will notify you when its in. If you can’t get into renew your book you can do it online. Lots of internet Stations to use, great reference library upstairs in the quiet room for study and lots of reference books downstairs which you can borrow. Video’s, DVD’s and CD’s, CD Books and for those with not the best of sight quite a big Large Print Section.

    We don’t use the library enough and at €15.00 approx a book, if you read a lot its an expensive hobby.


    I agree too with all that was said. Myself, dh and dd (nearly 3) go to the Drogheda library. My dd loves me to take her on a saturday morning – we sit in the kids section on the lovely kiddie seats (seats adults too 😆 ) and i read her books out loud – we sometimes have an audience 😆 😆 then we choose our books and then off to the cafe for lunch – a really lovely morning- she is completely mesmerised by it – such a magical place you could loose hours in there – our local library is great ! 😀 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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