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    What has this town come to ,,,Has anyone any news on him??


    Oh No!!! I know him, lovely young fella… yes i know his mam as i lived nextdoor to her for a few years and his Aunt posts up here too, lovely family.

    Is there no regard for life anymore? You wouldnt leave a dog a ditch like that :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    What is the world turning into? We all laughed at movies like Mad Max many many years ago…. if we keep going it will end up like that!

    If you hear anymore on his condition will you post or pm me


    Didnt hear anything about this case…. my sister was on the phone to me yesterday there have been two attempted abduction cases in Naas Co Kildare over the past week! didnt hear a thing in the national press.


    Found out some info there from his mams facebook page and asked around..
    He was attacked on saturday night by a group of boys and was hit on the head with a wooden plank and knocked out and found in a ditch 3 hours later…He is only 16, I know his mother.
    Hope he is ok?
    Anyone know anymore on this?
    Town has become a joke at this stage


    thats terrible poor boy, things are getting very violent here lately 🙁

    hope he makes full recovery!


    hi…just let you all know he is now home from hospital. He is my sister’s son. It was shocking what happened. He wasn’t the only one to get hit, beaten….but he was dragged we think and left unconscious in a ditch for about 3hrs. He is home now, but it was horrific on his parents and friends to have to look for him in those 3hrs. As my sister said, and I know from previous experience the taxis in Drogheda are great for looking out for someone in a case like this and they get the word out when someone is missing.

    He and his mates do so much good in Drogheda to promote the good name of young people. It shouldn’t happen to anyone…….


    Glad to hear your nephew is alright. It must have been terrifying for you all. Is that the chap involved with Digital Paradise?


    OMG mummy5 thats terrible they had to look for him for 3 hours!! Glad he is okay now but as you say, he is such a nice kid and does so much for the young kids in Drogheda and his hard work with the underage discos
    Do they have an idea of who did this?


    Poor lad, He was the lad that was on here promotoing the teen disco on here. dirt birds out there now.
    Hope he makes a quick recovery and isnt to tramitised over it.


    Glad to hear he’s physically ok, but this will affect him terribly for a long time. Isn’t it awful how your considered a bigger target if your like that chap and involved in things that aren’t considered normal by the local thugs just because you might be a bit more trusting of people (normal being swigging cider and threatening people- dorky being involved in something thats for the good of the community).

    I hope it doesn’t stop him from working within his Community and that he realises the majority of people around him including his own age group will be horrified that its happened to him!


    Can’t believe that something like this has happened… its getting crazy out there.
    Hope he and his family are doing ok.


    Did it happen up on the Dublin Road… there was something in the paper this week about a fight at the lane for Delvin Rugby club


    Graham here thanks for the support and im doing grand now,Its a disgrace whats going on out there and the other 2 boys attacked where also members of the teen disco.
    But its not stopping us and we are pleased to annouce we have a new night coming up

    Digital Paradise is back
    Friday May14th
    The Venue,Chord road
    10 euro at the door

    The craziest Summer party is coming to Drogheda,Get your beach clothes on as there will be Prizes for the best dressed
    The Club will be decked out in a Hawaiian Theme and As this is a summer Fancy dress we want to see everyone in there flower shorts and Summer Wear
    There once again is a major suprise on the Night Just Wait and see
    Dance crew dynamic will be there again
    Dj Brodo will be rocking the club along with Dj Byrne
    Our dj’s promise to have you Dancing all night
    There will be Mega giveaways,Danceoffs,Glowstick
    s,Smoke Machines and much more !!!!!!!!
    This is only the start of the summer tour and Drogheda your gonna be rocking all summer :
    Digital Paradise is a safe haven for the teenagers of Drogheda and No alcohol is permitted outside or within the club.
    We have the right to refuse admission…

    We want to get input from Parents on what they think of our events and is it safe enough??
    We are putting alot of effort,time and money into this project and we are now seeing the output it is having as teenagers love it …

    What happened last weekend and we are now looking forward to what the future has in store

    Graham Brodigan
    Welcome in the summer 2010 with Digital Paradise Summer party


    Great to hear from you Graham, you are a credit to your parents and delighted to see your and your mates are still going ahead with your plans.
    Take it easy and good luck with your next night out on the 14th


    Graham, glad to hear your ok and fair play to getting on with things. It must be hard.

    Disco sounds great. Would love to go myself but think I m a bit over age 😆 plus I ll be on my holidays. I ll passs on details to my younger brother though.

    Hope you all have a great night and wish you contuined success.

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