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    Hi all,

    Just thought I’d post up here in case anyone’s looking for a great yoga class (or just a really fun way to get a bit more active)… I’ve been going to Samadhi Yoga studio in Drogheda for a good while now, Greg the guy that runs it is lovely and the different teachers I’ve tried have all been good. It’s in the centre of Drogheda, on Mayoralty St. and they’ve one in Temple Bar in Dublin too. You don’t have to be super fit to do it, there are all age ranges and fitness levels there. I’ve got gradually into it by going most weeks (when I can, you know the way..) and I have to say I feel better for it. It’s also a bit of time to myself, away from everything else.

    There’s Baby Yoga and Baby Massage classes on Thurs mornings, and they had a yoga for pregnancy class too, but I think the teacher’s on maternity leave at the moment :) I went to a class given by her when she was pregnant and she was still giving it socks even tho she was something like 8 months gone!

    Main website: [url:n3tv1k33][/url:n3tv1k33]
    Drogheda Timetable here: [url:n3tv1k33][/url:n3tv1k33]
    Dublin timetable here: [url:n3tv1k33][/url:n3tv1k33]

    Hope I’ve inspired some mums here to give it a go, you’ll enjoy it!


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