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    Our boiler gave up on us two weeks ago. We had it replaced and we have had smelly yellow water coming out of the taps ever since. The plumber came back and told us to leave the water running for 24hours to flush the system… we reluctantly did it (it killed me to think of all that water wasted).
    Not only it wasn’t nice but it didn’t work. The plumber says he doesn’t know what else to be done. It is staining the sinks and the bath and it smells of pure iron. Not only it is unpleasant but I am also worried that my little girl might be swallowing it while brushing her teeth. I’ve already had to use bottled water for cooking… who should I call? Who can help please? it is driving me nuts! !!


    Im so sorry too hear this, i cant help or have any advice but it doesnt sound good at all….. its very strange as the cold water is mains supply and not from a tank in the house, so dont understand why leave the tap running! Did you ask any of your neighbours if their water is the same?


    The strange thing all right is that none of my neighbours is having that problem…
    Dunno what to do. Bathroom is stained looks dirty…


    Try to contact a different plumber, or give a call to countu council they deal with outside pipes and all, they might have an answer or tell you who to contact.
    best of luck with it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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