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    Just a quick question……do ye know if there will be taxis operating in drogheda on Christmas Day /nite????


    We had a similar question to get in-laws home earlier in the day but I’ll just drop them and then enjoy a drink when I get back, would like to know if there are any taxi’s running on Christmas day though.


    Would like to know for New Years eve if any taxis on….anyone know?


    Try Cafferys – get a price before you go…


    We got a taxi for 6 of us (2 adults & 4 children) from Balbriggan to Bettystown on Sunday evening around 8pm.

    I asked for a price before booking and they said 25 euro. Its normally around 20 euro so that seemed ok for 6 of us. When we got home, the taxi driver said that he ‘normally’ charges 35 for this journey but 25 would be grand because we had small children instead of 6 adults (like he was doing us a favour!!!)

    My husband gave him 30 euro and he was not very forthcoming with the change but I waited for it and got the fiver back. That may sound mean but the journey is 8 miles and takes 10 minutes and I think 25 euro is plenty for him to charge, so I was not giving him 30 euro for it.

    Its rare we get a taxi from Balbriggan, one of us usually drives but we had been to a family dinner in my parents house and had a few drinks, so it was a one off (an expensive one off!). We will not be getting a taxi again in a hurry!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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