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    Oh its all staged.

    The only people who really end up upset for real are the contestants.

    I don’t even think the judges have a huge impact on the decisions of which acts to even take to the live shows, I’m afraid its all Simon Cowell and the producers pulling the strings.

    Carolynne was really the better singer but sadly oh so boring ..Rylan was picked for a reason..headlines, interest, drama and "controversy"

    I definately think Ella will win though, and she is also from my neck of the woods back in the uk.

    X factor has a kind of wierd feeling for me this year, I was in hospital recovering from my c section last year watching the x factor final having just been brought down to Dublin cuddle my little baby after she had died..so it feels odd to have had nearly a full year passed.


    What do you think so far?

    Ella is amazing! I didnt think Rylan was that bad last night, i dont like him but i feel very sorry for him, all the abuse is terrible.

    Who will go tonight?


    OMG What a result…. I cant see Louie and Gary ever getting on after that.


    i’ve never watched X Factor – big big strictly fan so have never really bothered with XFActor but dd1 has been talking about it from school so we’ve watched a little bit of it this year. It’s the first yr so that i’ve watched it and i’ve never heard so many people giving out about the programme 🙄 . We actually record it and i fast forward through an awful lot of it…….hopefully now that Strictly has kicked off DD1 will lose interest – she loves dancing around the sitting room while strictly is on – my sil evne bought the 2 girls strictly dresses last christmas 😉


    I know HMM I was in hospital watching X factor after having DS2, its mad how we can be put back into a place/memory by watching a tv programme. It has been a tough year for you x


    I know what you mean hmm, when we were going through our first miscarriage – before we knew it was definitely going to be a miscarriage and still had some hope – our doctor told us to go out and try and take our minds off things. We went to the cinema to see ‘cheaper by the dozen’ and I don’t think we took any of that film in, we were in a trance sitting there trying ‘not’ to think about our baby and what was happening. Now whenever I see that film on, I switch over immediately, I associate it with that terrible time for us. Silly really but I can’t help it.

    Xfactor at the weekend was ridiculous as ever – what Gary said to Tulisa was so out of order about her ‘fag ash breath’. That was below the belt – it was just stupid, not clever or funny or witty at all. No need for that kind of carry on. He is great at the audition part of the shows but I am not keen on him at the live stage, he always seems to put his foot in his mouth – repeatedly!

    I like Rylan – he is mad as a brush and you can see the other contestants really like him by the way they react to him.

    Ella is fabulous but Jahmene (shamon’!) is my fave, he is so cute and wow can he sing!!!! I love him and would love to see him win – but even if he doesn’t reckon him and Ella will both do well, they are both so talented.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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