Would you leave your baby in the car for over an hour?

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    http://www.independent.ie/national-news … 08985.html

    This is crazy, a parent left their child in the car, on a hot day in a supermarket car park. The toddler was seen by passers by who got concerned about her. Gardai broke into the car and gave her to the HSE.

    Leaving a baby in a car on a hot day is such a cruel thing to do – what kind of people do these things?? 🙁


    It really makes me mad when you hear things like this.. There really is no excuse for it..
    Don’t get me wrong i often left the children in the car as i went in the shop but only when they were older.
    There are so many people out there that don’t really think before they do thinks..

    I had to see animals left in cars too :oops: :oops:


    My mam had to call security to a car in Nutgrove shopping centre in Dublin, they were about 30 mins from the time they noticed the newborn baby and when the garda arrived, shortly after the mother arrived out… she got a good telling off from the garda.
    She did give out to the garda who had broken a window on her car, she didnt understand what the big deal was about she said she was only 5 mins, but the garda said the call was logged 14mins before she arrived out so she was way longer then 14mins.
    Mam said she felt like slapping her when she heard her say What the big deal about? The Garda was bloody raging at her and was roaring and shouting, some people just see no harm in what they do


    A very dangerous thing to do.

    In saying that, when my ds was a baby, he was a devil to get to sleep – so if he fell asleep in the car on the way home – once or twice, I have left him asleep in the front garden with the windows open but never in heat.

    If I stop for diesel and run into the garage / shop – I would leave them for a minute while I pay. I try to keep them in my line of sight at all times.

    I would never, every leave a child in a car in a carpark – anything could happen!

    I lost my ticket in Navan shopping centrelast week and had to go the the office. They had a big sign up – IT IS THE POLICY OF THIS CARPARK TO RING THE GARDAI IF ANY CHILD IS FOUND UNATTENDED IN A CAR.


    Thats a good policy – its just shocking that they had to go to the trouble to make a sign that says that. Does anyone actually think its ok to leave a baby in the car for a long period of time?

    I have run in to pay for petrol a few times when baby was asleep but I would not leave her on her own to go into a shop – she is just a baby.

    You know what they say, you have to have a license to get a dog but any fool can become a parent!!


    shaking my head….


    Every year in France some babies/toddlers die in the summer because parents forgot them in the car!
    But now with tinted windows you can’t see if there is a child in it.

    I did let my baby sleep in the car few times, but I stayed in the car, just ran in the house twice once to grad a book, second to make a cup of tea (I’m becoming irish 😆 ). It was my only chance to read when she was a baby, so I enjoyed those days.



    If im going into the chemist or the local shop i would run in and leave them in the car, i find at the school was a nightmare. I would leave ds2 sleeping in the car but i would be standing looking at it with the windows open, it wouldnt be out of my sight.

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