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    My sister is a fitness instructor and is in great shape but after 2 c-sections, no matter how much she exercises that area, she has a belly that is floppy, foldsover and hangs down.

    If she jumps up & down when teaching a class, it jumps up and down too and she is quite self conscious about it. She mentioned it to her GP and her GP agreed that exercise would not shift it because the muscle has been cut from the surgeries and that it is effectively a numb area- so it will not respond to exercise. Because it affects her back muscles and because she is a fit person, they have approved her for a tummy tuck procedure.

    She is getting it done next week and I have to admit, I am quite worried about her. It is a serious op but I can understand why she wants to do it – especially with the job she does.

    As someone who has a saggy belly from surgery too, I would love to get rid of that pouch that exercise cannot shift but am not sure I would be brave enough to do that myself.

    Just wondering, has anyone on here had it done or do you know someone who had it done and how has it been for them?

    Would like to hear some positive stories if possible as I am a bit worried for her.


    I’ve seen a positive and negative outcome but both could have been predicted. The negative was someone using it as a substitute for exercising or eating in moderation. They got the tuck done (and a bit of lipo as well) but continued the same lifestyle (had not even tried to shift weight the usual way) and were back to square one a year later.

    On the positive side (and this sounds more like your sis) someone who exercised and got into shape but also had just that section that could not respond to exercise etc. and it suited them perfect and went great. If you visualise that a portio is removed and then the two parts brought together, for someone that just has the loose flesh at the front, it is straightforward. In the other case, because the excess flesh was all over, the procedure had the effect of bending the person over which took a few weeks to rectify.


    It is a very serious op. In don’t know anyone who has had one done.

    Best of luck to her!

    I would consider it, but don’t know if I would be brave enough to go through. I’d sooner get a boob job first! (a reduction obviously)


    I know someone who lost a lot of weight, she had loads and loads of skin flaps, he was super fit and skinny but her confidence was less then when she was 25stone.
    She got a credit union loan and got skin removed from her arms and tummy and she got her boobs done. To say she was a woman transformed, a year after the op she opened her own business after working for the same company for 20 years, she is sooo happy and her husband said she is the woman she always wanted to be and it was the best money he has ever spent.
    She does have a lot of scars, she used bio oil and it has improved her scars no end
    I would say go for it, your sister will be fine and this isnt something she is doing lightly. Let us know how she gets on x


    It is something that I would consider if I had the money. I have lost 4 stone in the last year and I have a lot of lose skin on my tummy area. It is not causing me any discomfort but I would love to have a flat tummy.

    So if I am fortunate to win the lotto this year, I would look into this and also a boob lift (have practically nothing left in that area).


    Dont know anyone who got it done but my beautician is getting one done this month.

    She lost 7 stone and the same has excess skin around her middle.

    Is your sister paying for it or does her health insurance cover it.

    I would definitely consider one.



    Health Ins doesnt cover work like that in Ireland… but if you live in the UK you can get work done in some extreme cases


    You might be able to get it done publicly if it wasn’t for cosmetic only reasons..

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