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    Its not easy being on a long flight with kids – especially small ones who get upset and will not go to sleep. I’ve been stressed to the max on 3-4 hour flights so I can just imagine the stress a 10 hour or 12 hour flight would be like for a parent.

    This is a very interesting piece about a mum who gives her kids a spoonful of Phenergan at the start of the flight, to set them off to sleep for a few hours. May not sound ethical but having been the parent of a screaming baby and having been on a long flight where someone elses baby was screaming, I can understand the lure of doing this.

    what do you think??

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic … tion-.html


    i have been on a 8 hour flight with my dd 6 times now and she normally sleeps the hole flight and never gets and drugs to calm her down!


    Whenever I would go long haul I would go sothat we flew night time…. that way the "routine" as such wasn’t totally out of whack. I used to have calpol with me in event of them getting ratty and totally over-tired. But I can’t recall having to use it. But yeah, if need be, I’d have done it….


    So far, I have avoided bringing my kids on an airplane at all. I would not do it – I would try and get a night time flight.

    I do know someone who did it on her two children. One slept, the other went hyper. You have no idea what effect these drugs will have on a small child until they actually take them.


    When we first when to Turkey with the kids, DS was only 1.5 years and the flight was at 6 in the evening, and with transfers it meant we wouldn’t be at the hotel until 2am.

    But we were worried about DS with routine etc and decided to get Dozol to give him near the end of the flight.. which we did about an hour before landing.. it didn’t work, he was still wide awake haha.

    There were not disruptive on the flight thankfully, so it was not for that reason, just for routine. But it didn’t work anyway so would not in future.


    We took a 4 hour flight two years ago and our kids were just at the end of chickenpox. Our GP had cleared them to fly and she had recommended Phenergen to us (as had many mammies I know) for their itching etc.

    We gave it to them at start of flight and they all conked out. It was first time we had given them medicine on a flight and it was because they were all still a little bit unwell but have to say, it was nice having them asleep on that plane.

    Usually they would be running around like little madzers!

    I can definitely see the appeal – especially on a very long flight which can be disruptive for their routines and its great when they do go asleep.

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