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    Just wondered what other ladies thought about this???

    I am getting married in September and I am looking for a pre loved Wedding Dress.

    Even before the credit crunch, I coud not personally justify paying over 1k or whatever for a dress to be worn for a day.

    After looking online there are amazing dresses out there on many different web sites 2nd hand for a FRACTION of the cost.

    My only problem is I am tall and on the larger side so it may be more difficult ..but the amount of dresses in sizes 12-16 is astonishing.

    Any way I mentioned this to a friend the other day and she was HORRIFIED!!! Any one would think I had told her I was planning to wear my tracksuit down the aisle :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Tried to make a poll but failed miserably :lol:


    Yes definitely. Sure who would know, only yourself. When I got married(10.5 years ago) I only paid £350 for my dress and I loved it a the time. My friend paid over a grand the same year. I could not justify spending that on a dress that would be only worn once.

    I think you should go with it and never mind what other say. Dont even tell them where you got it. Its only your business. 😀


    sure why not…..as long as the thing fit and was nice and resonable….especially if on a budget……

    have you found anything yet???


    I would have no problem either. I watch Xpose every evening and they did a report on Oxfam Bridal in Dublin. They have the most beautiful dresses including designer ones and most range from €200-€400

    The website is http://www.oxfamireland.org/oxfambridal/



    By the way, the girl in the ‘Stories’ video is from Tullyallen. I know her. She spent a fortune on her dress and donated it to Oxfam Bridal. You really could get the dress of your dreams up there


    yep i would
    i actually got mine in Hickeys in Dublin, was only € 450 3 years ago, everything else i looked at was over a grand which i refused point blank to pay.
    i know someone who wants very simple dress and has bought a bridesmaid dress in ivory – and apart from getting a dress that she loves she’s only piad a fraction of the cost for it. just an idea for cutting costs.


    Absolutely!! I think it is a sin to say thousand(s) for a dress you will wear once!! In saying that I think you should feel special on the big day, but that shouldn’t need a large price tag!! You can try on loads in all the top bridal shops and then get a good dress maker to do it at a fraction of the cost!! I’d go and have a look in BHS in the north, Debenhams have lovely dresses too…but defo would consider a second hand one if it was a style I loved. Why not? It’s only been worn once by one person on a really happy day..spread the happiness!!! 😀


    haha "Any one would think I had told her I was planning to wear my tracksuit down the aisle"..

    I can imagine a lot of gasp but i say keep it to yourself you wouldn’t want anyone wispering you got a second hand wedding dress while your walking down 😯 not that there’s shame in that but it get annoying. I say go for it, if you look like a million buck in it who has to know..spend it on the goodies/bubbly at dinner.


    I def would buy a second hand dress.

    My dress cost £200 about 10 years ago, i got it made by my mil.

    I would not buy anything that i would only wear once that would cost a lot of money..

    My mam(rip) lived in second hand shops… when she died we brought back all the clothes back to them, she was a size 8 / 10.


    NO WAY

    Only joking of course I would, but this is the girl who almost got married in a pair of jeans as I had nothing to wear the week before I got married


    Definetely !!! Im borrowing my mates! If it doesnt suit me then its off the oxfam bridal for me! Why not sure who would know.


    The Oxfam bridal shop in Dublin are new dresses that are donated by the bridal shops at the end of each season. You can buy a new dress for anything from 100euro. I’d have had no problem going there if I knew about it at the time. You might need to get adjustments but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than an expensive dress.

    My neighbour also got her wedding dress in a bridal shop in Duleek for about 100euro on sale. All these bridal shops have offers on dresses – usually the odd sizes.

    I assume that you have the date and all set – if not, I would recommend getting married on a weekday. I got married three years ago in November on a weekend – got a huge discount from the hotel(also a lovely sunny day, just a little chilly).


    Yes we are doing a week day! Only to be awkward really lol!!

    Sounds like I am not alone in this!

    I would nt mind people knowing it was second hand, every one who knows me well would laugh!! And I am not one to give a rats arse what people say any way!

    Was just interested to see if I was the only one who would do this!


    I think your dead right…its lunacy to spend loads of money on a dress you will only wear once, put it towards a really good party instead !!


    Alot of hotels are doing discounts as large as 20% for weddings but be warned they expect anything for 1 to 3 hotels to go to the wall every week in Ireland, I wouldnt like to be handing over big deposits then being left in teh lurch

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