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    A WORKMAN HAS been sacked and a garda investigation has started after a woman claims she was the victim of unwanted sexual advances in her own home.

    The woman had contacted her energy company and arranged for someone to come to her home to fit a new meter.

    When the man arrived, she claims that he began acting in an inappropriate fashion. She has also claimed that at one point, the man grabbed her arm and tried to kiss her.

    The woman, who realised that something untoward was happening, secretly started filming the worker.

    The woman has since made a statement to gardaí who are now investigating the matter.

    In videos seen by TheJournal.ie, the workman asks her: ”Would it be weird if I kissed you?” She responds that it would be. The man then adds that he could “get in a lot of trouble for this”.

    You won’t let me kiss you then? I could get in a lot of trouble for doing this. Don’t say too much – you’ll get me in a lot of trouble. Still not getting that kiss goodbye? I hope I’m not getting myself in trouble here.
    The woman said she felt pressured by the man during the callout which lasted around 30 minutes. She said she felt shaken and started crying the moment he left the house in Wicklow.

    The woman contacted her energy company who said it would investigate the matter. Within hours, the man had been brought before a disciplinary panel and removed from his position. The CEO of the company contacted the woman directly and apologised for the behaviour of the staff member.

    As an apology, she received a bunch of flowers and a €2,500 holiday voucher.

    The man was subcontracted by a larger firm to provide services to the energy company.

    A spokeswoman for the subcontractor said: “We are fully aware of the incident referred to. The actions of this former employee are wholly unacceptable. We do not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour and has taken all of the necessary actions in response and the employee is no longer working with the company.

    “The company has engaged fully with the customer in relation to this issue. It is not appropriate to comment further at this time as the incident has been reported to An Garda Síochána.”

    From: http://www.thejournal.ie/energy-callout-3953874-Apr2018/


    Gosh that’s awful


    Eurgghh….imagine having someone in your home to do work and they tried it on with you. Its disgusting and such a violation of her privacy.

    Its sexist and ridiculous that she was put in that position. I would be quite scared I think it that happened to me. I think if he thought that was acceptable behaviour then he probably is not a nice guy and who knows what could have happened.

    I would be ringing the Gardai is that was me.

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