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    hi just posting something my mil heard in work and thought would post it here….dunno how true it is but she works in a well known solicitors office in dublin so may be true enough….

    Apparently a girl driving on her own was followed by an unmarked police car who eventually flagged her down. She didn’t stop but phoned 112 and got through to the Gardai who told her not to stop but directed her to the nearest Gardai station. They also kept talking to her and told her to lock the doors because they had no unmarked police cars in her area. They also sent a couple of cars out to meet her. It turned out the guy was not a Guard. Just without alarming the girls, mention that they do not have to stop when they are on their own in the car but can go to the nearest Gardai station and if in doubt do as this girl did and phone 112 – this number apparently brings you straight through to the Gardai.


    i got that in an email about 10 times now, dunno if it true like u say but it is kinda scary!!!


    Thanks for that Scole!!

    Years ago when I had my first car there was a spate of attacks in my local area……a man would slit the tyres of a car and then when the female owner came back would offer to change tyre and then assault the lady…….well it happened to me……I went back to my car……which was a very old mini, no central locking……a man appeared from nowhere and todl me i had a flat tyre and kept pointing at it…….i felt uneasy and quickly locked all the doors and told him to go away…….screaming at him (because I had read about these attacks in a newspaper)…….eventually he went away after what seemed like forever with him trying doors etc……i got out of car and went to car park office, was in a multi storey…..they called police, when police arrived I went back to my car with police and spotted man lurking around……police gave chase and caught him…….he had knife and when they raided his flat it was full of not very nice photos etc……

    So thank you Scole…….by you posting this up here it may save one of us from who knows what………..

    If i hadnt of read in a small column in teh newspaper about this man……then i dread to think what would of happened that day!! only thing i woudl do different now……and I always get straight in car and lock my doors is if i was approached would keep beeping my horn, which is what i didnt do that day.


    Oh, and coz it was an old car…he had opened bonnet and pulled a cable so car would not start……these days dont think that is possible………thank god!!


    Scole I told you about my run in with the Garda, which sounds sooo like that story.

    I was heading to work at 5am and broke a red light at the Blue Haven pub a car came out of nowhere and flashed blue lights at me, it was unmarked so I didnt stopped. The car then came along side me on the duel carriageway and kept pointing for me to pull over. I drove to Tallaght Garda Station (about 3 or 4 miles) and the car came behind me, it turned out to be an unmarked car…… I lashed into the two guys in it at how stupid they were to try flag a woman in the small hours of the morning 🙄 The station sargent came out into the carpark as I was shouting so much, I was let off for breaking the light and the 4 more on the way to the station….. I really thought they were weirdos not garda.

    Another thing is never stop to help a stranded driver if your driving alone, I passed a woman at the edge of the carriageway (again about 5am) she was standing at the rear of her car with the boot open. I beckoned I’d call someone and kept going, about 15 minutes later another girl arrived in work and said she pulled over to help and a man stepped out of the bushes, she sped off. When we spoke about it, we rang the garda and they sent a car down, the car was still there and they drove off, when the garda pulled them they said they had only stopped for a minute as the man was having a pee in the bushes…. they would have been there about 30mins at that stage…. alway be on you guard when driving alone

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