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    hi just posting something my mil heard in work and thought would post it here….dunno how true it is but she works in a well known solicitors office in dublin so may be true enough….

    Apparently a girl driving on her own was followed by an unmarked police car who eventually flagged her down. She didn’t stop but phoned 112 and got through to the Gardai who told her not to stop but directed her to the nearest Gardai station. They also kept talking to her and told her to lock the doors because they had no unmarked police cars in her area. They also sent a couple of cars out to meet her. It turned out the guy was not a Guard. Just without alarming the girls, mention that they do not have to stop when they are on their own in the car but can go to the nearest Gardai station and if in doubt do as this girl did and phone 112 – this number apparently brings you straight through to the Gardai.


    Have heard this before – it is something I didn’t know, I think I would automatically pull over – its good to know…


    God that is scary! Thanks for letting us know!



    I heard a story as well that recently happend just outside Dundalk. A girl filled up her car with petrol and went inside to pay. The guy behind the cash desk asked her if she has somebody in the car because he saw somebody moving suspicious in the back of the car.
    They called the guards and the person in the back of the car was gone, but he left a rope.

    Don’t know how true it is but since then I always lock my car..


    jesus that’s flaming scary fair play to the person in the garage my god, that would scare the heck out of ya….


    Thats a scene out of the movie Urban Legends….. Yeah fill up with gas, get into the car and start to drive and the man strangles you with a rope 🙄 🙄 🙄 I wouldnt believe that happened at all, all petrol stations have cctv in the forecourts, that would have been on the news, crimeline etc…


    That one about the petrol station is an Urban Legend but what I would say is Lock Your Car Doors. I do it out of habit now and my mum always freaks but I just say you never know if someone is going to jump into your car.
    Years ago DH had a fella jump into the back of his car, the guy was running from fellas who were trying to beat him up. Lucky DH had a mate in the car and chuked yer man out. So as a result I always lock my car doors.


    are these not urban leagends


    My car has a saftey feature that when I go over 5 miles the doors lock from the outside…… so I feel very safe driving in it.


    Scary stuff.

    I had an old woman get into my car once. No joke. Myself, DH were in the front and DS was in the back. I stopped at traffic lights near where my mum lives and this elderly woman just got in the back beside DS and asked if I wouldnt mind dropping her to fairview if it was on my way! I was like 😯 huh! I didn’t know what to do but dropped her to fairview! It was so weird.

    Needn’t tell you, I ALWAYS make sure to lock doors now!


    Oh my god i am always leaving my car open! Just because im hoping someone will blooming well steal it! So i can get a new one!!!! 😆
    That rope in the back is scary 😯 😯

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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