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    http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/co … 04104.html

    Its a terrible situation that this woman has been denied a homebirth due to a previous c-section.

    Just because a woman had a c-section does not mean she cannot have a safe and natural birth on her next baby.

    It is so sad they have turned down her request and also, that they have left her with the court fees to pay.

    Having had two home births myself, I find it sad when someone who is clearly healthy and has had a problem free pregnancy, is denied one.

    And for silly reasons.


    Banned at 35? That’s just mental.

    These restrictions are insane. According to them, I was too chunky and you were too old and look at how hassle free our labours were. There is a major lack of common sense about the HSE at times….


    I wasn’t overly surprised to hear the ruling but at the same time…

    I had a section on my DD and a natural birth on my DS – so it can work out.. again this is another one down to personal choice.. Its not something that I would have done as I would be afraid of the risks.

    I was convinced that I was going to have section on my DS and was shocked to have him naturally! However I always knew I was high risk for a section as it was said to me throughout my pregnancy. I knowwhen my consultant came in when I was in labour (about 45 mins before I had him), she gave out to one of the nurses saying she should have been called earlier because I was high risk.


    But thankfully you had a natural birth? Just wondering, why were you deemed high risk? And the consultant who came in when you were in labour, why did he want to section you? C-section is high risk – he must have given yo a good reason?

    This woman is being refused on grounds of a rupture – which is not something that she had on her first baby or is likely to have on this baby.

    I had two home births because of the state of the hospital system. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would have home births but I was turned down for the MLU because they said I was too fat, and I was really angry about that and argued with the head midwife and it was HER suggestion that I look into homebirths if I was unhappy with what the hospital had to offer.

    So basically, the hospital sent me looking at homebirths because they didnot like me arguing about wanting the MLU. Silly but that’s how it happened.

    So how can the HSE turn a woman down for MLU and then a week later, l say she is fit for a homebirth?? No consistency at all but it happened to me.

    There has never ever been a study that proves hospital births are safer than home births. In fact, the mortality rate for home births is half that of hospital births. It is a safe, calm and lovely way for a woman to give birth with a professional midwife dedicated to her care.

    I know its not for everyone but I am very glad I did it (twice!) and am very sad for this woman that she has been refused for stupid reasons.


    I think its crazy that the MLU can refuse women because of their weight, I know another girl this happened to and she had a perfect natural birth on her first!
    And to suggest a home birth after that? That just doesn’t make sense!

    I was delighted to have a natural birth! Although painful, the recovery is much better.
    I was induced on my DD as I had diabetes and they don’t let you go too long over when you have it, went into labour, was flying along to 7cm in no time and then it just stopped, no progression for hours and a section was advised then.

    I had diabetes again on DS, was given the option of a section from my first appointment, but said I wanted to try for natural but was realistic that I could have ended up with another section, going on what happened before.


    Bet you’re glad though, a natural birth is so much easier for recovery. I had surgery a few years ago – same as a c-section, to remove a cyst that was wrapped around my ovary & fallopian tube – but I did not have a newborn to look after and it was so painful afterwards. I don’t know how women who go through that manage a newborn afterwards. Fair play to them.


    Oh was very glad to have a natural birth, especially as he was my second, DD had started school and it would have been very difficult to manage that if I had another section.

    That sounded painful Sabbi!
    A lot don’t realise that a section is the same and as serious as surgery, myself included!, because you are giving birth, its not given the same thoughts..


    Re MLU – I was barred from MLU as well – coz at 35 / 37 / 39 / 41, I was too OLD!

    I ended up having 4 vaginal deliveries & no complications. Labours of 12, 5 and 3.5 & 3.5 hours. Average size babies. Really, if it wasn’t for my date of birth I would have been an ideal candidate….

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