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    heard this on lmfm this evening , may she rest in peace , i will pray for her babs and her family :(


    have not heard anything on that – what happened?


    i dont know was on lmfm this evening , very sad


    Apparently it was a 35 yr old women who was in labour and complaining of chest pain so they preformed an emergency c-section and she she died shortly after.
    Very sad.
    My thoughts are with the family.


    oh no!!! thats terrible. Thoughts and prayers with the family


    oh gosh that’s awful – my prayers and thoguhts are with her family


    Krysia Lynch from AIMS will be on LMFM sometime today to discuss maternal death in Ireland….It is "supposed" to be rare in the developed world yet there are a handful of cases in just the past few years.

    http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 20856.html

    I am amazed how cursed that hospital is!


    Ironically just saw this headline: Doctors are most trusted professionals



    So sorry for the family. It increases the fear of giving birth when you know this could happen. Very scary.


    Doctors are most trusted professionals?? In the miscarriage misdiagnosis report every mistake was made by a consultant – not one was misdiagnosed by a midwife. what does that say???

    I used to write down my questions when I was going to my hospital appointments and I knew I was annoying the doctors by asking so many questions but I needed information and was going to get it, so I didn’t care. Atthe end of the day, I am just a statistic to them, its upto us to ask questions and get the information we need. I would not put all my trust in a doctor – after so many misdiagnoses personally, I am very wary. I believe they do their best most of the time but there is still the ‘God complex’ issue where some of them do not like to be challenged and also, they are so busy with our stretched system that they miss things – so we have to be pushy sometimes to get the care we need.

    This is so very sad, that poor woman and her family. Really tragic, that little baby is without its mammy. 🙁

    Financial Companion

    It was her 4th child, she had a heart attack. Thoughts are with her family and friends.


    That is so sad, my thoughts are with her family. May she rest in peace.


    very sad, my thoughts are with her family and friends may they get through the difficult times ahead….

    we had this conversation ironically the other day, a journalist friend of mine based in the middle east, we spoke about having babies etc and how much it is on a woman….

    we have a great health system yes it has it flaws (not going into detail regards deaths etc especially on this case)

    but my friend attended a so called hospital in Afganistan and she said the conditions were horrific, 1 in 3 women there die in childbirth and most infants die within weeks or even days of being born due to infections and disease…..
    the 2 births she witnessed thankfully the mother survived the first childbirth but sadly the baby died, another the mother died and the baby survived….very very sad

    we have to be grateful for what we have but in this day and age, something so natural in the world should not cause as much pain and suffering and loss as it does…

    my thoughts are with this lady and her family…may she rest in peace


    my god , that is just awful… so so so sad.


    saw this article about it today with quotes from AIMS but did not hear anything on the radio or TV news today.

    Its just so sad.


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