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    it’s world Book Day 1st March….

    what a great way to celebrate all over the world the love of reading and for parentsa nd children to get involved and celebrate reading together..

    we will be reading lots of stories the children bringing in their favourite stories to share.

    Also some of the primary schools will have tokens and be giving them out for children to get books for 1.50 with the token….fab
    check out http://www.worldbookday.com for extra bits and bobs and ideas to celebrate

    there is a fab live streams on world book day of authors reading books check it out first live stream is at 9.30am – 10am

    Whatis your favourite story or book? Adult and Child

    The Gruffalo is top of the list followed by Dear Zoo

    there are so many to choose from

    it would be nice to hear other people favourite books


    Yes, we also love the books you’ve mentioned.

    Green Eggs and Ham By Dr. Seuss is our current favourite, we hardly need the book anymore as we know the all words. We have fun changing the words from "I am Sam" to "I am Dan" (my sons name). He has got really good at rhyming since we started reading the Dr. Suess books which is a bonus.

    He also loves Baby Brains & he thinks its so funny that a baby can do grown up jobs.

    My daughter enjoys everything we read, she is not old enough to pick her favourites but im sure it wont be long. She loves animal books as she can make the animal sound, especially Lion & tiger noises, i think thats something got to do with having an older brother 😆

    I love reading all the kids books myself.


    I love Dear Zoo too, my kids are sick of it though!!
    As a child my favourite book was Alice in Wonderland (the Disney version). Still brings back lovely memories of my grandad reading it to me in the garden.
    Books are amazing. Last great one I read was The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.


    love those books

    green eggs and ham we like the story i think its a must have for the book shelf so much fun

    i love kids book so much so i think i buy them more for me to read than the kids lol

    i love eric carle books, the julia donaldson books too one book i thought was lovely of hers not many know is freddie and the fairy…about a hard hearing fairy and how it is important for us to be mindful of those who cannot hear as well…
    The ravenous Beast by Niamh Sharky is a lovely book too

    i like babette cole too for the other age group sort of…i liked DR. Dog that was good all about hygiene in a way some nasty topics but brought to light in a fun way iykwim

    Jamie lee Curtis the actress also has a series of books and they are great little books worth checking out

    We enjoyed too another book called The Irish Cinderlad – clever take on cinderella but for boys and based in ireland..

    ooohhh think will raid the book shelf and see what we have not read in awhile..

    and i have an order due in i ordered The night before St. Patricks day and St. Patricks Day book thought would be nice to have more info on what St. Patricks day is all about….


    Don’t forget that World Book Night for adults will be happening very soon!

    Also wanted to point out that the tokens that children receive in school are not provided by schools or dept of education but by bookshops and publishers.

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