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    My little girl is almost 9 months old and I am starting to wind down breastfeeding her. Until now she has refused formula so it has been breastmilk, water and since 5 months, solids too.

    We are introducing some formula now at night in a bottle and she is finally taking it mixed with some breastmilk and by next week we hope she will take it straight, without breastmilk. She is doing great with her breakfast, lunch and dinner and is eating lots of fruit and other snacks during the day.

    Just wondering, along with the solids, how many bottles a day should she be getting? I always just fed her on demand from the breast and never counted ounces so this is first time we will be doing that for her.

    any tips most welcome….thanks


    Sabbi i can’t remember off the top of my head (Can’t believe it’s been almost 2yrs since my dd 2 was on bottles) BUT the side of the formula box should have a rough guide of what babs should be drinking – personally mine never drank the full amount stated on the box but not far off it and if you’re worried she’s not getting enough mix it with her food.


    Can’t believe I did not think of that….how dopey am I today???? Too much wine at the weekend may have damaged my brain cells!!! LOL!!!


    😀 😀 sounds like you had a fab weekend SAbbi
    Both my pair were bottle feed from the start – and i always used the guide on the Apital Formula box as a rough guide of where they should have been at


    Yes, I would go with the guide on the side. Just try and give the meals first and bottle after – just in case the bottle fills her up and she does not want to eat. Food is more important at this stage.


    Well, baby is doing just dandy on the bottles.Don’t know why I was so stressed – there’s not a bother on her, she is a happy camper and is taking one bottle mid-morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. She seems to like it just fine and has stopped leaning in for the boob – they are so clever, she just knew when to stop looking for it.

    Me on the other hand – I am not doing so well. My poor boobs are so sore….I stopped expressing altogether last Tuesday, had it down to just over an ounce by then and still my boobs are very sore nearly a week on. Its not easy stopping; although they are coming down gradually, it just takes time and they are very tender in meantime. I was changing baby this morning and she kicked me right in the chest and I nearly cried with the pain.

    Her little legs are kicking all over the place at the moment so I have to be extra careful picking her up!! 🙄

    Btw – if anyone is near me and gets a funky smell – its cabbage leaves in my bra!! They really do help although, they stink. My kids think its mental that I have cabbage in my bra. So if I smell bad, its not that I have not showered ❗ ❗ 😯

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