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    Just caught part of tv programme on toughest place in world to be a midwife.

    In Liberia 12% :shock: of women die in childbirth & to say the hospitals are basic is putting it mildly. Imagine a hospital which has no antibiotics for a dying mother…

    Think we might need – as a nation – toget a grip & stop moaning. ?Things could be a hell of a lot worse….


    That is shocking!!!! 12%. Wow thats a HUGE percentage….

    But watch this space with all the health cuts, we might end up like that or God forbid worse 🙄


    I am not sure, but I think we have one of the lowest rates of women dying during childbirth – though this could have something to do with the high number of c-sections.

    The UK appear to have a very good health system – I am an e-worker and work with a lot of staff in the UK. Over the last year, various staff members have popped out to various Cuts and Bruises units, and for scans, etc – and they all appear back within an hour or so. I was amazed by this. In saying that, everyone who works has a NHS deduction made from their salary.

    I also read a magazine whilst sitting in a Doctor Surgery for an hour one day. They were the stories of people who had an elderly relative die whilst in hospital. The treatment that they received was horrendous – think back to the way the elderly were treated in Leas Cross and you will get the idea. Some, who were unable to feed themselves had actually died of malnutrition.

    So, compared to the rest of the world – we might actually not be too bad.


    I don’t think it fair to compare the Irish health system to that of a third world country and say "we are not that bad off"…

    When you are more at risk of catching a superbug in hospital or waiting 8+ hours in the A&E, I am sorry but that is just not good enough! Even tho I have a hospital 5 mins from me in Dundalk, if my children were to get injured and require emergency medical attention, I am supposed to drive to OLOL which is 30 mins away…Again this just isn’t good enough!

    Speaking of other countries tho. I have been to the hospital in Vietnam on a few occasions and would rather be in a Vietnam hospital than a Southern Ireland one hands down any day….


    No – you definately cannot compare the two. Though the treatment of the elderly was in the UK.

    I believe the problem with our A&E is down to people who do not actually require urgent attention going to the hospitals. If you have a genuine accident and require immediate attention – you will be brought it and bypass the 8hour queue.

    I split my head open last year. I had blood flowing down my face and went into shock. I managed to stop the blood. I then brought my two children into my neighbours, called my mother to come mind them, my husband to collect me and the doctor on call to see if he could assist me. He told me to come in as soon as I could and that I would probably need stitches.

    I went into the doctor on call – I got immediate attention – my head was put back together and cleaned up – I was out again I would say within 15 – 20 minutes. This is where people should go instead of the hospital.

    Another issue with our A&E is the numbers rise dramatically at the weekend due to drink related injuries – people falling over stupid drunk and doing themselves injuries, or fighting or drunk driving.


    If this is the case why not have the sign in receptionist instruct accordingly?!?

    Excuses, excuses, excuses that’s all I ever hear from the HSE here. It’s for this reason I will never bring any living member of my family to a Southern Irish hospital. We go to Daisy Hill where we are seen for less money than OLOL (£70) and are seen with in 45 mins EVERY time….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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