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    Has anyone tried out the Wii Fit? If so, would you recommend it?

    I was playing with the Wii Sport on Saturday night and found it quite good. I was even boxing – hard work but I managed to knock my opponent down a few times – not the most sensible thing to be doing when pregnant but good fun.

    Anyhow, I reckoned if the Wii Fit was half as good, then I might invest in one to get me fit after baby is born.


    wii fit is very good i also do the boxing on the wii sports did an hour yesterday and i am paying for it today!!! there are plenty of different activities on wii fit and it weighs you every day too 😳


    Thinking of asking dh for this too for after babs is born rather than flowers that will die after a few days. My neighbour has it and she loves it. Plus you can see the results already.


    I did three rounds of the boxing on Saturday night – needed to sit after that. My hubby did 5 matches – so about 15 round / minutes. He is not in any way fit and suffering since!

    It is a real workout – I like the idea that you can just put it on at home at night, there is no travel involved and go going out in the weather – so no excuses!

    Himself is talking about it – so I might buy it for him(me!!) for Valentines!


    I got this for christmas and it is excellent. The games go from yoga for chilling and toning, muscle workouts working on the parts of the body you want to tone and also balancing games which are a bit of fun. My husband and I are in competition on this one such fun. The other thing is the children can take part too. You can do a body test too which will weigh you and also tells what the ideal bmi for you is. No need to go out just put on when children are gone to bed.


    I have this aswell and it is great for all of the family. I got another new game for the Wii to recommend, My Fitness Coach. I have being doing that the last week, i have a physical challenge tomorrow nite, should be fun 😆 😆


    has anyone actually seen improvement or results from wii fitness??


    i’ve lost 4 kilos since i started 😆 😆 although i do the boxing on wii sports and the exercise bike too and i have cut out some foods


    Well done Noeleen, you are flying. I enjoy the Wii Fit, with the weather being so cold, its hard to get out with the baby… so I hav no excuse when its in my sitting room!
    Must try the boxing on the Wii Sports.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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