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    Yeah she’s a sturdy thing alright – i don’t mind the early rise – we’re up at 6am normally but it’s the broken nights and wanting to be up at 4.30 that’s killing me :roll: i was in bed at 9pm out cold in minutes last night it chatches up on me every now & again but i know she’ll grow out of it eventually. I think she’s just like her daddy and doesn’t need as much sleep to be honest – dd was still taking odd naps until 3yr – dd2 is 21months and doesn’t have a nap now may once or twice a week

    Thanks for all the info and fingers crossed it works – she’s in creche today so won’t get to test it out in her until tomorrow :wink:


    Ok , im fast reaching the end of my tether with my ds who is nearly 27 mths . He just wont sleep a full nights sleep. This is what has been happening to us .

    1 No nap during the day……down to sleep for 7.30pm ….. awake again at 2am.In and out to our room for the next hour and a half……and thats a good night coz theres no crying.

    2. As he hasnt slept well the night before he crashes on the sofa next day – i allow him an hour or hour and a half depending the time he falls asleep at. Never let him sleep beyond 2pm. He goes to bed then at 8.30 and again awake for an hour and a half…..taking the p out of me 👿

    To top it all both kids have been sick on and off for the month and he has a bad cough that wakes him and sets all this in motion. But even without the cough he still wakes up…..

    Im fast loosing my patience. I run the legs off him during the day , we do jigsaws make and do etc. to wear him out mentally to but still no joy.

    Do i have a child that just doesnt need the sleep ?????? 👿 👿 🙄


    What they say in books,
    the child should stay in his room. If awake instead of taking him with you, you should go at his bedside and let him settle again, and stay until asleep again at first then after a while (days or weeks) start to leave when about to fall asleep, then sooner.

    It’s more exhausting, but in the long term should work.
    But at firstyou should go in his room, as soon as awake. He’ll be reassured to know even in separate rooms you’re there. It can be some kind of anxiety.

    That’s the theory. Easier said than done.
    He’s a bit young for reward chart that will have an effect.

    Best of luck.


    Thanks Fabienne. Hes not allowed in our bed. He comes into the room and i walk him back in with no talking and put him back into his own bed – i do this about 20 times each night 😯 I follow Jo Frost big time – think she is great and have done all the things she suggests but to no avail. It did take me 10 nights to train him to sleep on his own then he fell sick and i was there for him when he cried and comforted him so i think the attention i gave him when he was sick – he still wants – and it seems i have to go back to the training him to sleep again – but this time its taking even longer than 10 nights aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh Also he doesnt want anything to do with my dh – he just wants MUM – so there is no rest for me at all……….

    Some nights he wakes roaring crying and i think maybe he must be suffering from night terrors or something like that.


    You’re doing eveything you’re suppose to.
    Nomagic cure.
    think about the future to stay positive, he’ll be a teenager one day and you’ll want him awake before 11am and you’ll remember when he was a toddler 😆

    Best of luck.
    If you find the magic cure, let all mums know, share the secret.



    Thanks Fabienne 😀


    I have a little boy nearly 3yrs also. He would wake most mornings between 7-7.30am. He doesnt have a set nap during the day but some days he is exhausted and needs 40 winks literally. I keep it to under an hour for a nap now as he will not sleep otherwise. I don’t have a set bedtime for him but find he is definately a ‘later’ to sleep child than the rest of mine have been. He can be awake up to 9pm but he is not being energetic, he is relaxing with books, jigsaws or having a cuddle on the sofa with me. I find it easier, with him in particular, not to push for a real early bed-time as he doesnt sleep. But when he goes a little later he does sleep for the whole night eg.9pm-7.30am which is great. I don’t mind a later bed time if it means a whole nights sleep.

    All my children were different. My 13yr old always loved her sleep as a baby and still slips off to bed at 8 or even earlier and sleeps all night. Her sister was never one for early nights and still isn’t. I think children can vary. I did the same for them all but found they just had different patterns of sleep.


    Have you thought of homeopathy? I used Chamomilla on my weeman and it definitely helped to calm him and did start to sleep better….mind you, he isn’t a good sleeper still, think thats just theway he is. I too was a bad sleeper as a child and still am not great, but I swear by a bedtime routine and homeopathy (for both of us!!)…I agree that trying different bed times may help too…good luck, trust me I feel your pain!!


    Thanks girls….i have set bedtimes for dd and ds and a routine that we stick to…..maybe if i wasnt so rigid with him for his time. DD loves her bed – she is 3 and is up the stairs at 7.30 every evening and sleeps right through til 7.30 or 8 the next morning. I was worried keeping DS up too long would make him worse ie. over tired…….will defo try that one (while i was upstairs with DD reading her bedtime stories tonight DH has brought up DD i can hear him reading him his bedtime stories over the monitor 😆 ) I will defo try play it by ear now tomorrow night Mummy5 – thanks for that . Thanks Babs – will get some of that chamomilla too – am willing to try everything and anything at this stage to get him to stay in his bed in his room and give everyone a good nights sleep 😀


    Some of the mums in my creche swear by lullaby milk.

    It says on their web site it is available Nationwide in Dunnes and SuperValu’s



    Is hunger walking him up? Or does he get petit flou or youghurt before going to bed…

    When my children were younger – they would have supper youghurt. i swore that would wake them up during the night…….


    God i dont know how you mums with bad sleepers cope, i had a few bad weeks and im not joking i was like a mental woman!!!

    i use lavander in a oil burner upstairs (out of reach of kids) I also do the supper thing, a bit of toast and milk and ds2 still gets a boppy, i know he is a bit old but he loves it….

    Some kids are just bad sleepers, would you not put him back into his cot, we had to do this with ds2, he was like a yoyo out of bed at night (think this was the start of his bad sleeping habits) Back in cot and back sleeping great.
    Good look

    My sister has two kids, one brilliant sleeper but the other fella only slept about 3 hours a night for the first 3 years!!! He is 11 now and she has to almost drag him out of the bed, so it does go full circle


    Oh, can symapathise. My 28 month old didn’t sleep a full night until over 2… Was a total zombie. Don’t know how I didn’t lose my job….

    Tried everything. Slept in the cot with him (6 months pregnant!! Strong cotbed / desperate mammy!!). Sat on the floor beside bed holding his hand. Sat in rocking chair in room – no talking, but he could here the creaks as I rocked. Cut nap down to 30 min power nap.

    Postman Pat Cd on in bedroom as part of bedtime routine. Bath with lavender? Baby massage – there’s some for toddlers? Story time?

    Now he wakes usually only wakes once (around 4), or maybe not at all, & usually goes back to sleep with 2 oz of milk in a bottle – if it works, I’ll do it……

    Does he share a room? My two much more secure in same room….

    Best of luck


    so glad to know i’m not alone!!!!!!! my 20 month old isn’t a great sleeper and hasnt been from early days. DD1 loves her sleep and spoiled us rotten was only ever up with her when she was teething hard but DD2 🙄

    my hubby never needed much sleep and i think it is just something that dd2 has inherited – i’ve tried everything, i actually posted about this before xmas cause i was so blooming tired 😆 Never thought of the lavender Taylor might try that one. My dd1 was in a bed at 18months not a hope of moving dd2 as she’s awake so blooming much – wide awake from 3-5am other night. Gas thing is when she’s sick – she sleeps!!!!!!! She’s on 45mins nap – we’ve tried to get her to sleep longer during the day thinking sleep begets sleep but never worked. DH yesterday had them down the swings – at the coffee morning where they ran legs of themselves and STILL the minx was up at 2am 🙄
    We do the supper thing so i know she’s not hungry, we’ve tried running the legs off her, we’ve tried letting her cry etc etc it’s not every night but some weeks 5/7nights then she’ll lull me intoa sense of security by sleeping for a few nights on the trot then off she goes again!


    No solutions Beams but I sure crossed my legs in the evenings after reading the post 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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