why no money for the suffers of the floods??

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    Why will our government not give money or help to the victims of the floods? Yet.. If this was in another country Ireland would be sending money for aid and to help re build peoples lives!!!!!
    Our government never look after their own, and have no time for the less fortunate here at the moment who need help….. some of the pictures on the rte web site are really bad, espical this time of year with christmas less than a month away!!!
    Am i right in saying this or am i over reacting ??


    It is shockingly bad. I heard on the news today they are coming up with a plan but they better be quick about it. People’s lives have been devastated and they need assistance now.

    I cannot imagine the horror of losing everything like that, especially at this cold time of year. It is so sad, I hope the govt. get a plan into action soon.


    lawless i think your right in what your saying.i think we should send money abroad but i also think that the people affected by the floods should be looked after properly and not have to wait and be at the mercy of insurance companies paying out.i feel so bad for them and so thankful that we are not in their situation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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