Why Men Hate Us Wearing Make-Up

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    Why Men Hate Us Wearing Make-up

    When it comes to slapping on the war paint, believe it or not ladies in your man’s eyes less is more…

    The first thing a man will learn about his girlfriend’s make-up is that he has to be careful with it! A woman who has just put on her lipstick for a night out has to be treated like an undetonated bomb. Approach with extreme caution. Oh yes, we still want compliments; ‘You look gorgeous honey’, even an appropriately placed air kiss is called for but the smallest physical expression of love after that will be treated with panic and outrage. Be warned gentlemen.

    Men hate it believe it or not. It is probably quite literally one of the only times he feels it is a barrier between him and the woman he loves – he wants what he can’t have. Cue Friday night on the sofa, hair in a mess, make-up nowhere to be seen and you lean over for a kiss only to be greeted with an outstretched neck to see what he missed on Top Gear as you try to shower him with affection!

    But jokes aside, men do hate make-up in secret. They will argue if you tell a girl she looks great without her make-up that she will take it as an insult almost! She will be mortified, thinking he is joking and a smile will be plastered across his face at any moment. What we have to remember is that our fella actually did fall in love with the face that is on a Friday Night hidden behind that mask. He doesn’t fall in love with all those potions and lotions, strange little pots, jars and plastic containers. We ladies fall in love with them because The Beauty Industry is constantly telling us we don’t look young enough, pretty enough or unlined enough. Strange logic right!?

    You’ll see. Ask your man and from my research most of them will actually say you are burying your natural beauty behind a film of paint and powder. It’s quite funny when you think about it. Make-up serves the purpose to improve our looks, make us more beautiful to the opposite sex. It could even be described as a Mating ritual! It makes lips appear more luscious, eyes more striking, skin more youthful, yet going back to my beginning point it is actually quite ironic thatthe man you are actually mating with is not allowedto kiss you when you are wearing your mating ritual camouflage!! So ladies when putting on your make-up this Friday night – keep in mind when it comes to make-up for many reasons, less is more…

    Thanks to Julie from Style Fish
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