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    LabFitness bootcamp starts back Monday 10th September. It runs for 4 or 6 weeks and is on 3 times a week, from 6.30am-7.30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    If I can do it, I reckon anyone can do it. Yes, its hard and I mean, hard! There were times when my legs felt like jelly and my head told me to give up but I had decided I could do it. I like a challenge and I was not going to quit.

    The first two weeks were tough, it was an adjustment to get up in the mornings but honestly, by the end of week 2 and start of week 3, the early starts did not bother me anymore. I got used to it and in some crazy way, I started enjoying it.

    It could have been the fact I lost nearly a stone in the first two weeks, it could have been that each and every class was different. You literally never knew what was in store for you when you went in and I thought that was fantastic because it never got boring or repetitive.

    All in all, over the 6 weeks I lost stone and a half and between 6-7 inches off my waist. The rest of me shrunk as well and I am so glad I did it.

    My fitness has improved so much. I am sleeping better, I feel better and I look better. It has given me a great boost to stay active and now I am out walking & running (I never thought I would like or be able to run but I love it now!) and I go to one or two classes a week at Labfitness to keep me going and help me tone up.

    I still have some baby weight to lose and will get there over the coming months but the bootcamp was exactly the kickstart I needed to get me back into shape.

    I cannot recommend Labfitness enough – I’ll be honest, there was a day or two I felt like pulling the covers over my head and not going but I kicked my own arse out of the bed and I am delighted I managed the 6 weeks.

    It starts Monday 10th Sept and if anyone is looking for an early morning workout, before the kids are up for school, before work starts, this may well be ideal for you.

    For more details contact Laura or Hazel on http://labfitness.com/ or hazel@labfitness.com

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