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    I have to say for the first time in my life i have not a clue….

    Sinn Fein….. just couldnt vote for them, it would be going against everything i was brought up with, its just a No No!!! (yet picture of my Brother on FB with Gerry Adams, but there is always 1 in every family! :roll: )

    Green Party…. again i couldnt vote for them, i gave them a vote last time and i feel like i wasted my vote, incinerator on my doorstep, 150k tonnes a year and only north east waste, now its 200k tonnes and from feckin everywhere
    plus the country on its uppers, people no money to pay bills…. yet they think its a great idea to add a carbon tax!!!! Why not give bigger grants to people who are making an effort to lower carbon footprint.

    Labour… just dont trust them

    Fine Gael, will give my vote to Fergus O Dowd as i keeping my vote Local…. but i cant stand ANY of the FG front Bench and Enda Kenny just doesnt have leadership qualities

    Fianna Fail…. what can i say!! But one think i will say in all the tv Debates its the FF who are winning…….

    HAVENT A CLUE WHO TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!! Do i just do a pot luck, as they are all as bad as each other


    Its tough alright, I used to go green and then Labour but now its all such a mess. The Labour party have been saying some good things – but lets be honest, they’ll all say whatever it takes to get in and then when they’re in, will they actually do what they say?

    I wonder about the free childcare preschool year – we are due to qualify for this in September, really hope they keep that going.

    Its hard to know which is the least offensive to pick!!

    Yesterday was out for a walk with my mum, we were going at a good rate when two politicians stopped us, as I stood there catching my breath I noticed they had no buttons on them and I could not see who they were with from their flyers. I asked, which party they are from, the guy said ‘Im Michael Kennedy’…again I asked, ‘which party are you from’, he replied, ‘I am a local TD’….again, I asked ‘Which party are you from??’ and he said, quietly, Fianna Fail. No wonder he was quiet about telling us that. Sly to very last – he could even answer a simple question out straight!!

    I could have given them a telling off but theres not much point anymore so I asked what they are going to do about school fees and people with mortgage arrears and they got defensive about it.

    They actually got defensive about the state of the country. Where do they get their nerve???

    I had to walk away – only sorry I didn’t say to them ‘You’ve no shame’ but from their demeanor, it was pretty clear they don’t have much shame. How anyone in government can defend themselves right now is a mystery to me. If they even admitted they ran the country to the ground that would be something but don’t go making excuses….that just annoys us even more!!!!


    Because I’m french, I’m not voting in this election. But still paying interest to it as the people who will be elected are going to run the country I’m living in, and intend to do for the rest of my life.
    I would not know who to vote for, like many.
    And maybe I’m too naive, but I would give my vote to an independant candidate, hoping that person will not have to obey the party rules, but use only good sense and honesty that was clearly missing so far.
    In the other hand, independant will have difficulties to push some issues if they don’t have the support of the party…..
    it’s a catch 22.

    Though choice, just make the right one 😆 😆
    ok if it was so easy…

    Now going to have fun with presidential french election coming next year, they are already debating about it.
    I find it funny, because I’m not there living with the consequences.
    Just so you know, the french politicians are no better than the irish.
    Even could be worse, lately the person who was minister for defense and now miniter of something big went away on holidays.
    So far it’s ok. The president did promise that no personal hol will be paid by the tax-payers (could not agree more), and very little did, or even onone.
    Very good so far.

    What that person did, she used the private jet and accomadation of a DICTATOR! her excuse it was on my onw money (no, it was paid in full by the dictator) not on the tax-payer money. She did it twice. Was criticised by media after she went (and was aware of it). Still came back the same way! I guess private plane is more comfortable than a seaton Ryaniar flight. What did she give in exhange for free holidays?
    Could she not like everybody else paid her own holidays, the one she can afford.

    So no matter the country, politicians become corrupt when they got power.

    We need fresh air, and true and honest politicians who want to do good for their country for the benefit of ALL.


    Financial Companion

    I’d agree with most of Taylor’s points. Although I don’t think Enda Kenny would be a positive leader, I’m certainly going to put Fergus O’Dowd up there as over the past year or two, I’ve come across several people that have benefitted from his direct help in a variety of circumstances. He certainly works for the people and that has to count! Beyond that, it ain’t gonna be easy! 🙄


    I do think we need to vote local, im not going to vote for someone from Dundalk…. the more power our town has the better, Im almost 99% sure im giving Fergus my first vote but not sure who will get my 2nd or 3rd…. might just give a first vote!

    Will it make any difference who gets in? The Rich get richer the poor get poorer and the banks and the builders get off scot free, if you owe 20million to the banks they are "ajusting" or writing off your dept, but you owe arrears on your loans and peoples homes and cars are bring taken back!!!

    All a joke…. Makr Deary called here last night dh opened the door, he was lucky it wasnt me as i would have took strips off him!!!

    Anyone doing just 1st pref votes


    as much as we all hate FF right now i think it would be in the counrtys interest to vote for them again….. 🙄
    i am sure every country outside of ireland are laughing at us right now… that Enda kenny is all talk and loves to point out what the public think instead of his own views… that is how he gets your VOTE!!!! 😕

    So i will say FF will be my vote as they already know the ins and outs of the running of the counrty!! 🙁


    Like you all
    Its a hard one

    I agree mostly with Taylor

    I will vote locally – We need someone in there,,, Dermot o Hearn (sp) did very little for us.

    I worry about everyone leavingIreland.. Education fees, Sports facilities, mortages etc

    I hope everyones votes…..


    i seen this on facebook VERY funny it might help you guys to pick a party 😆
    Dont be put off by the name!!! 😕
    http://www.facebook.com/nobnationfans?v … nationfans


    Fabienne, y rn’t u voting? We British and we voting in our second election, r u not registered? one of the first things I did was get registered to vote. My mum very stern about me voting, has alot to say about suffragette movement etc, it is within last hundred years in UK that women of all classes, ages and marital status were fully enfranchised, can’t imagine wildly diff here. She has it drummed into me that it my duty to womankind dto vote! Actually, I think it more about havin a say in what the govt do with our family’s contributions to it.

    Havin said that, wouldnt have a clue atm who to vote for, except not GA – the height of self-interestedness there I think, whereas this election I reckon will be largely domnated by who’s done what for where on a local basis rather than on national party politics…


    I’m registered. But so far unless it changed, we only were allowed to vote for local elections. Not nationals.


    I checked out the are you registered link, will post it if i can find it and we are on it.

    Of the 3 canvassers we had so far, 2 of them had the roll and asked for us by name, GA is sending me personal mail and if I am not allowed vote with the extotionate sum in tax my dh paid in sice we been here I will do my nut and eat my hat.

    I voted Fergus O Dowd last time, 2007 I recall, he not a local politician is he anyone? So It MUST’VE been GE

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