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    My in-laws will be coming over to stay with us next week. They’ll be here for a short holiday…. after which they will spend some time with family in the UK, prior to returning to SA.
    They would love to be able to retire to either here or UK…. to be closer to the grand kids, and primarily to be out of SA, as it just isn’t safe for them anymore.
    So, while they are here, we’d like to be able to take them somewhere / talk to someone who could give them info about moving here. They’ll have to sell their home in SA, and they’ll have limited funds to buy a property here, and of course to survive…. Mom has a UK passport, Dad S African passport….
    Who would be best suited to give correct info?


    I’d give Citizens advice bureau and the Embassy a call – they might direct you on that – best of luck


    Citizens advice in Balbriggan are very nice, they are located beside the library, on the town square, next to Bracken Court Hotel. They can give you some pointers hopefully.

    The embassy is a good suggestion too, worth going in there for a chat as well.


    I’d say you may have to talk to someone in SA too..my folks are looking at doing the same…my dad seems to have info – so don’t know if he got off internet or contacted someone in SA…could be worth ashot from that side…i know the Bristish are now issuing Visa’s for SA visitors, so I’d say they’d be able to help out…hth

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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