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    HI all my son is down for both I was really keen on the Gaelscoil option and was happy after the open day earlier in the year. Now however I have heard some notso good things so now confused any one out there give me poss/ neg. on either

    thanks :D


    Hia I was in the same boat deciding with DD (but not til 2011.)

    I have heard both +/- about both!! Most rumours are unfounded unless something concrete can back them up. Unfortunately negative experiences tend to spread quicker than the postive experiences. 🙁

    My one reservation is about GS is that she will come home excitedly talking about something ‘as gaelige’ and I won’t have a clue what she’s on about 🙄 😆 😆

    The GS seem to have more facilities. Also there is the religious aspect to consider – we are not catholic so not having her make her 1st communion doesn’t affect us. I know this was an issue for a close friend who is a practising catholic.


    There is some religious classes in gaescoil after school so kids who want to do communion and all can without any difficulties.

    dd is in GS and all (her, dh and me) very happy about it, even if not everything is perfect at the end of the day it’s a brilliant school.

    Being french (dh as well) we don’t have a word of irish and it’s not a problem (or we manage anyway, have to call some friends but we get by.

    Now she plays munteoir with classmates, when they’re visiting, as gaelge, I love hearing her, don’t understand a word but it makes me pround and happy 😆

    Like every mum I’m pround of my kids.
    Ds will start in sept 2010. Soon I won’t be able to understand my kids in my home but it doesn’t matter.

    Talk soon,


    hi girls,
    i dont have children in either school at present although DS is down for GS as im fleunt in Irish!
    You are right KAte you will tmost likely hear the negatives about places rather than positives.
    From what i hear from parents of children that i know that go to GS it is very good.
    Theres a great little community up there, great support networks and most of all the children get a great level of care and support also.
    KAte i wouldnt worry about not understanding what your DD is saying, she wont be long about bringing you up to speed, plus again the teachers and other parents are there to help!! they also do Irish classes for all different levels. The 2nd langauge gives the children an advantage in later life, if they never use Irish it makes learning other languages so much easier when they are already Bi Lingual!
    I have a feeling you will get good feedback on this topic. And best of luck with your decision. xxxx


    Where abouts is the GS located? Can anyone give me their contact details..email/website/phone no.? What kind of waiting lists are there…my dd should start school in 2012


    Aw I’m not worried in anyway about the Irish, I just think it’ll be funny (because she’s very proper) when she’s in excitment mode and switches to Gaeilge and starts to teach me!!!!!

    I didnt realise that about the after-school classes, thats good. For our situation, I was concious not’t want to have her feel different or missing out by not having the lovely dress or the big day.

    I dont have a number, I just emailed the principal to register, details below. She seemed lovely when I met her and should be able to answer your questions about the list etc.

    Gaelscoil An Bhradáin Fheasa (Primary School) Mill Road Mornington Co Meath , Meath
    To contact this school:Phone:
    Principal: Siobhâ”´N Nâ•


    Do you have an idea yet, or still undertermined?
    Sure you’ll choose the school that is right for you and your son.

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