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    my kids wont drink Avonmore or neither do i… premier milk was what i was raised on. We now drink Aldi milk, its fab, really love it. The kids drink it by the bottle


    We always buy Avonmore Super Milk low fat in our house. Since I was a child we have been drinking Avonmore milk and I have to say, its one of the products where I would not buy a cheaper own brand alternative instead.

    Whatever about jams or breads, I might try an own brand on those but not on milk. I like to buy Irish where possible and I like to know where my milk is coming from and that it has passed alot of tests to get to me!

    Some of the own brand milks come from other countries and do not go through the same kind of quality testing as the Irish one so for the sake of a few pence, this is not something I would try to save on.

    My sister is a fitness fanatic and she reckons the full fat milk is best so she drinks the Avonmore blue milk.

    Was wondering if everyone else is the same? Does a few pence make much of a difference when it comes to milk?


    We get the Avonmore regular for the kids but my sil’s d/h is a milkman and he has said he has watched the same milk going into different brand cartons under license, in other words, the exact same milk in the named brand going into supermarket specific ones!

    I get the aldi low-fat for us and find it great.


    I use tesco or dunnes milk and usually buy the 3 litre bottle at a time, as we seem to be going through milk at a lightning speed…perhaps i’ll invest in a cow 🙂 atleast the grass won’t need cutting, won’t need feed for the plants and I’ll milk on tap!!! 😆 😆 😆


    Not the Avonmore one though, they only make their own milk and do not give it to the own branded supermarket ones. My uncle is a milkman, he reckons that the Avonmore is the best one. Though he would say that, he has been delivering it for years!! 😉

    Some of the own brand ones do come from other countries, unless it says sourced in Ireland you don’t know where its from! I don’t think I would take the chance for saving a few pence!


    Sweetpea, dh was just saying the same thing recently that we need to buy a cow, never seem to have enough of the stuff. To be honest, we buy what ever is cheapest, in the biggest container they have.


    i buy the aldi version of the super milk too & if i run out i get the avonmore version. the tesco version tends to go off before the use by date i find.


    We nearly always buy the 3litre full fat aldi cartons…go through a lot of milk aswell! Unless im in tesco or dunnes and buy own brand ccartons. used to notice a difference years ago but its all about saving now!


    Like the idea of the cow though – imagine milking your own cow in the mornings for the breakfast! 😀


    My preference would have to be the Avonmore…. but nowadays, its the cheapest 3l I can find!


    we buy the lidl – 8-10litres a week – kids drink the full fat and i drink the low fat


    I’m an Avonmore lady here! I will drink other milk brands but won’t buy it…

    I do only use milk in cereal and tea/coffee, so its not a huge amount.


    Send me some of those kids!!! I have a milk man this few months – Avonmore milk. My son willnot drink milk at all. My daughter user to drink litres of it in the evening but has cut down all of a sudden. I have cancelled the milk for a week and am trying to use up 8 ltrs.


    aldi only buy irish milk, i am a dairy farmer and dont buy avonmore milk as its too dear, buy aldi, refuse to buy northern irish milk as it is not to the same standard as irish milk, we have to adhere to hygiene and quality standards


    My dd drinks the aldi full fat milk – my ds doesnt like milk and will only have a little bit in cereal now and again – i drink soya milk – no dairy for my sinus probs 🙄

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