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    Hi all,

    Mumstown is working with a local Supermarket on Special Offers for our members. We need your help to find out what you want…

    We have given a couple of options in the poll but feel free to suggest something else (within reason) and with every €20 spent you will receive the free gift.

    We need a conclusive answer to give the owner a chance to bring in necessary stocks and it will work while stocks last.

    The mysterious Supermarket will be revealed in time…


    I said chocolates, but as I’m giving a better thought.
    A bunch of flowers, or even a single rose would be nice.

    I try to cut back of chocolate, still don’t refuse when offered, just don’t stock them at home. Some other are "trying to be good", it’s not just me.

    I never intend to cut back on flowers, but when dh changed jobs nearly 3 years ago, he went from train to bus, and doesn’t stop at flowerr shop, so since I’m not getting flowers anymore (not even on special day).

    I could buy some (do it once a year) but it’s always something when it’s offered.

    So if my local supermarket offers me flowers, I’ll be very happy nearly as happy as if it came from dh.

    I’m not using baby wipes anymore, kids are growing 😆



    Thats a great idea
    Free parking or vouchers off your next shop

    Maybe Stamps off your Christmas Shop


    Great idea!
    Maybe flowers, products for pampering, money off vouchers, bottle wine!!! 😛 , –


    Money off vouchers that you can use on anything. Then everyone can get what they most want.And valid for a year so you could save them up till xmas if you want.


    CHOCOLATES…. .Im sooo surprised with that.

    The voucher idea is good but its not really a treat for the mammies now is it, I would just spend the voucher on my shopping and not myself. The flowers or flower voucher sounds good


    ehm what would i vote for, hmmmmmm


    defo the way to go after a day of shopping with kids and having to put it away and blah blah blah 🙂

    (not a lover of chocs….and i like a decent bunch of flowers like lillies if that became the option)


    yeah bottle of wine or a bubble bath with for mummy time only or a face mask thingy too….then that would be a treat…maybe each month they could do something different so you could save up, like wine bubble bath, voucher or what about a free babysitter…lol…or even a cinema voucher for 2 therefore giving business also to the local cinema….


    I would like the cereal bars (fruit ones) or biscuits. Something for the kids lunchboxes


    i agree collect voucher for pampering night pack… bubble bath, wine and face pack. and a big thank you for organizing something like this xx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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