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    We are using Tommee Tippee at the moment and they are grand and used Avent before on previous 3 babies. Find both brands grand. Previous babies all had Avent and no problems with them, find those bottles easy to use and easy to clean. This baba does not like formula so difficult getting a bottle of it into her but she will take breast milk in a bottle no bother from Tommee Tippee.

    Might try that Hipp Organic Moonflower – does your LO take it straight up or do you mix with breastmilk? Its handy to be able to give the odd bottle to give mammy a break!!



    With baby no3 due in july I want to be a bit more organised this time round 😳

    On first dd i used advent bottles & found them great but then again first dd was a great feeder & had no problems!

    On second dd I used dr brown as she had very bad colic i found them good but very fiddly when it came to washing and all the bits didnt fit into the steriliser at the same time !

    My sil use tomme tippe & find them good so i just want to get a few opions on the best brand & best steriliser as its been 6 years since i had my last baby & i feel a little lost 😀 :shock:


    if you are planning on breast feeding to begin with I know they reccommend tommee tippee as it is easier for the baby to go from breast to bottle as the teat is boob shaped.the bottle is also handy to hold as it has curved contours where your hand goes.the tommee tippee electric steriliser is big & a lot can fit in it aswell

    saying all that Avent seems to be the most popular bottle going by what my friends use


    i am still breatfeeding with occasional bottle..used avent on my ds 6 years ago and using them again on ds2 as easy to clean..no probs with feedin and its wat i know and trust..but had same dilemma over fomula brand..tried aptimil then moved onto hipp organic..he has only had about 6 bottles so far but its all decisions and dilemmas…always used sma on ds1 but that was what my sisters always used and my oldest nephew is now 22..so thought would try something different this time…


    Hi girls thank you for your replies
    No not planning on breastfeeding its just not for me but think its great for those who are succesfull at it!

    I was wondering about the tomme tippe range especially the steriliser as there is a great starter package in the argos book .

    As for formula thats another dilema I put first dd on cow & gate and she trived on it but second dd was just a nitemare started on c&g then moved her to sma that didnt work out then onto apitmail which was a lot better than the first 2 but didnt satisfy her so in the end we had to put her on sma lactose intolerence & she settled with that & also helped with the colic but only problem with the sma lactose was it was only sold in the chemists at the time and always had to be ordered 👿 but i have noticed that dunnes now stock so if we are ever in need of it again I know where to find it! 😀


    Keep an eye in Tesco, they often do sales on certain bottle brands, I got a pack of Tommee Tippee bottles for 2.75e, reduced from 10.50euro! So its good that you are preparing now, as you may be able to pick up a few bargains hopefully!


    im using tommee tippee at the mo and find them great got the bargain pack with steriliser and bottle warmer. steriliser is great its a good size so everything fits in. i got a really good deal in babies r us not sure of price now but i remember it was great value check outtheir website. it came with everything mini bottles, big bottles, soothers, bottle scrub ect really good 🙂
    best of luck with the new lo 😀


    Tesco in west street have Tommee Tippee Sterilisers (microwave and steam) and Breast Pumps( electric and manual) on offer, they are nearly half price 😀


    i found tommee tippee are very very good


    Dr Browns girl this side….. 🙂 Both of mine were breastfed, but the only bottle they would take would be Dr Browns….


    Only ever used the NUK ones in this house with three babies..


    sabbi…the hipp organic formula seems ok but he was ok on aptimil as well..but he did seem to take the ready made carton easier than the powder version..i think he just likes it at room temp and i was trying to warm it up a bit for him…i havent expressed as was so stressful last time expressing and i felt he needed something more to fill him up as was still and still is feeding every 2 hours..bottle made no difference still likes feed with 2hrs after bottle but like you say it ishandy to be able to give odd formula bottle here and there….


    Hi Blonde
    I used Avent on both my first babies but for my third I decided to try Mothercare range of bottles and steriliser.

    They were so reasonably priced and the Steriliser Pod was very easy to load and clean.

    You should drop into Mothercare and have a look.

    I highly recommend them.



    Only ever used the NUK ones in this house with three babies..


    When we had DD in hospital with feeding problems, her paediatrician told us that 95% of feeding problem come from the type of bottle and teat used. She all her patients use the oldfashioned Nuk bottles with the narrow neck and a (brown) latex teat.


    I use the NUKs…just as I’ve seen Temple st use them

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