wherer to buy tv, Briscoes, Harveys, DID or Powercity?

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    Dh is gettng new tv he had me shopping about and the tv he wants is on sale in all the above shops. I would buy in DID or Briscoes and dh would buy from Powercity (cause the sales guy knocked 30 euro off the wall bracket). Have you any positive or negative experiences with these shops?
    Thanks Taylor


    would have to say Briscoes but i am biased as my dad works there (employee discount all the way ha ha ha)


    I personally would avoid power city like the plague their returns policy is a joke (past experience)

    I buy all my electricals in Dixons, I find their staff very helpful, the nice man explained my wireless router n didn’t just recomend the dearest 1.


    I just bought a new lcd flat screen (i think) last week adn I shopped around did is irish owned but the staff are really not that interested! harvey norman is dearest! Brisoes can be good but they dint have such a wide selection. I got my in dixons! cheapest friendly staff ( oh by the way I got an LG brand and it’s fab! plus they come with the bracket!


    Would avoid PCity too…had a nightmare with them..involved small claims court…we won though!..anyway, always found DID very professional and they will match the price if you find it cheaper!!!


    We buy most of our electrical stuff in either Murphys of Crosslanes or Briscoes- I have always found them both to be friendly and helpful. Had a proplem with a camera with Dixons years ago and have always avoided the "big" shops since! 😕


    Thanks girls,
    Didnt think of Murphys or Dixons. It a lcd tv we are looking for will tell dh to check dixons out tomorrow.
    Thanks again

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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