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    Thinking of going camping with children (5 – 7), what camping site in Ireland would you recommend?
    As usual, not go with directions, so I need the name of the site and the city it’s in, then dh will check the map.



    Lough Key forest park – Roscommon

    Redcross Wicklow


    hidden valley in wicklow ( they have a web site with great directions)


    I have family involved in this whole business, so apologies if I yap on a bit.

    Both above have very good reps.

    Family members run two parks, both of which are lovely & cater for different needs.

    The big one is based on Achill Island (there’s a bridge) & it is in the village of Keel. It is called Sandybanks – or was at least. There is only one & you can’t miss it. It is 4 star, has good facilities by Irish standards – kitchens, laundry, tv room etc & is practically on the beach. Bril for kids. Great for outdoor activities & water based activities, but in really wet weather you’d be heading to Castlebar & Westport for cinemas etc. Tell them you haerd about them on mumstown & is there any chance of a discount. I’ll suggest it to them 2moro – but no guarantees!!!!

    They also rent out lovely self-catering mobile homes from three nights up. 098-43211 used to be the phone number, but if you google achill & mobile homes & caravan & camping parks, you’ll find it.

    To find it: draw a line west from Drogheda & you more or less hit it!! Take N4 & N5 west as far as Castlebar or Westport. It is well signposted from there.

    As it happens, another relative also has holiday cottages & houses there – all board failte approved. Six 2 beds*** & three 3 beds**** within sptitting distance of the beach. The two beds are ideal for mum, dad two kids & one is wheelchair accessible. They can all sleep up to 6, but it is a bit of a squish. Four would be better. The three bed ones comfortably sleep 6 (2 twin, I double). Special rates outside July & August & for booking more than one. Again mention mumstown & ask if there is any chance of a discount. (You could even pm me & I’ll ring ahead) I think the website is called Keel or Achill Holiday Houses or Cottages.

    And finally there is a second caravan park just outside Castlebar in a snmall village called Belcarra (Ballycarra on some maps). It is sheltered, in a small village with shops, pubs, butchers, tennis court, post office, petrol station etc & there is lots to do if you want to discover a less touristy Ireland (Riverside walk, Ballintubber Abbey, Moorehall, Lough Carra, Westport, Croagh Patrick… – my old stomping ground. If anyone wants more info, just pm me). Try 094-9032001 or 9032024. Can’t tell you the prices off the top of my head, but they are very reasonable. Electric is available & bookings usually aren’t necessary. There are plans underway to upgrade the facilities, but the planners are making it difficult. Not a high star rating, but most necesaries are there including washing machine, tumble dryer, electric showers….

    Hope some help.


    any local ones in Meath/Louth???


    Not sure. Best thing to do is get Irish Caravan Park Guide was about E2.50. Shd be in any decent tourist office. out every year. Or google irish caravan(ing?) camping council….. A lot shut down in boom & sold out to developers


    We’ve been here a few times. It’s in Kilkenny but the road down is good.
    The farmer brings the children on a hay ride every evening, lovely little farm,nice river walk, and you can order home made pizza in the evening and scones and bread in the morning so no need to mess about with cooking.




    Looks really cute!! Alas, I’ve stayed in very few, as I was was usually running one …. and then the kids came. Hoping to get back into it now that I have two on their feet.

    There is one in Westport, Co. Mayo that might be worth a look, as there is a whole pirate activity park connected with it. We spent a whole day there & didn’t even get as far as the bouncy castle, mini-golf, go-karts or outdoor playground as the day was a bit damp. Has its own indoor soft-play area etc


    Our initial camping trip was canceled. And now without hope for a new one.
    We were meant to go with friends, my children want to go only if M is with them.
    And my friend is letting me down….
    ok, not really her fault 😆 , she’s now 28 weeks pg and moving abroad.
    And for some reason she doesn’t want to squize a camping trip in between paking a full house and delay her move for my kids to be back from their grand-parents so she could go on a camping trip with us and sleep on the ground at nearly 7months. Pregnancy is not a disease, she could lead a normal life and go camping 😳 😳

    Really friends are not what they used to be 😆 😆 😆
    Anyway, good thing that will give me a opportunity to visit a new country. And sleep on a bed rather than a gym mat on a camping trip.

    But I looked at the farm it looks great. Will keep it in mind.



    Just back from a 5 day camping trip in Kinsale Co.Cork(yes it is far but WORTH it) they palace is all about the kids with something on every night and every second morning for them if you didnt want to leave the camp site but if you do then there is loads to see and do the beach was a 10 min walk from the camp site 🙂 i will up load some pictures of the place to flickr later and post you the link 🙂

    http://www.camping-ireland.ie/parks/cor … -park.html
    even thought it rained for most of my visit we still loved it :) and that was my first time camping!!! 😯


    here is the photos of the Garrettsown camp site in kinsale cork 🙂
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/65158669@N … 063109157/


    very funny Fabs 😆 😆 plenty of campsites in Wales..so next year will be our camping year 🙂


    … bro was in wales last year in fab park. will get details & post asap. 😀


    Where to go camping?… FRANCE! 😆 😆 😆

    We are going camping, but only into the back garden, im getting a loan of a tent from my sister… it should be fun 😯 😆 😆 😆

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