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    Thinking of getting rid of landline & just using our mobiles but still need broadband.

    I dont think you can have broadband with eircom without having a phoneline, so wondering where you would recommended?


    i’d be intrested in the replys… can you get UPC up here? Looks a great price but dont know if that just for Dublin ie cable areas

    Did you look at wii max

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    A friend of ours just got one in (I think from o2, I’ll checkand post later) where they fit an antenna on the roof and you still have a router so multiple users can use wireless in the house. If it was just for one PC or lap top, maybe one of the portable broadband modems might suit (I use one on a netbook when I’m doing housecalls. I think location is one of the biggest issues at present so make sure to ask them the contention rate or it could get very slow in the evenings. Also, make sure that if the service is too bad, you can cancel within a couple of weeks at no charge!


    im in the very same situation as you but i have had no phone since november as when the phone was plugged in it interfered with our broadband so im paying 56euros per month to eircom for only half the service.i rang them and they said there is no broadband only package so im also looking to change but to where……i dont know


    This is an option for stand alone broaband –

    Just saw on eircom under emobile that they now have broadband on the go:

    "eMobile broadband is internet access via a small device.
    You simply plug this device into any computer or laptop and you have instant online access when and where you need it"

    its €19.99 per month for 10GB (bill pay – 12 month contract)

    "When in Ireland, eMobilebroadband works best in areas covered by the 3G network. Outside of 3G coverage, you find Edge and 2G networks. You can still use your broadband device in these EDGE and 2G areas to browse the internet and use your email. If you want to use your broadband device to download videos, music or songs, then it’s best to be on a 3G network. However, if you are out and about and if you’re at an eircom WiFi hotspot location, you’ll also have access to quality broadband speeds that are on par with fixed line broadband"

    Anyone know how good the 3g network is in Drogheda?

    Anyone have this already?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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