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    Hello all. Can you help me. It is my weeman’s 3rd birthday soon and I have been repeatedly asked (ie TOLD) to get a Thomas the Tank cake. We got one last year (manager of Dunnes kindly ordered it in for me, novelty cake, looked great but tasted AWFUL!) so this year would love to get one that keeps weeman happy (ie resembles a train to some degree) and tastes nice (as I am eating like a horse and would appreciate it!!). Was thinking of going to McCluskeys in Drogheda and getting a picture of Thomas put on a cake (got a photo of my mam as a child on one of their cakes for her 60th and it was great), but would rather the real thing (shape I mean, not actual train). Many thanks!


    check through the history here one girl got christening cake done…can’t think right now name of where she got cake but was delighted or try crumbs, check directory for number they’re in drogheda…hth


    Coulter & Black 041 980 4239, on Collon road before Tullyallen.

    Was there on Saturday, they certainly do a Thomas Cake. Haven’t eaten one of their cakes yet but they look fab. They seem to do everything & willing to try new things too.

    Give them a ring ASAP & put your name down for the date you want cake. They only take orders, dont have cakes for sale on site.

    Then if you have time call out to see all their photos of cakes already made.


    I saw one in Sainsburys the other day if you happen to be travelling in that direction. You could also check M&S for themed cakes too.


    Thanks mums, will give your suggestions a try!! 😀


    Hi Babs,

    How abt trying Supervalu ,i think one of their sections and selections deals with lovely cakes. 🙂

    my friend was so happy with their friendly and helpful staff service that she ordered another cake for the son to bring to creche too. 🙂 🙂 😉


    I dont think you can go wrong with Coulter & Black as you know your going to get a fantastic cake both in looks and taste
    There was a post on here somewhere that had some sample photos of their cakes and they were stunning


    i second that we got babys christening cake from coulter and black it was too nice 😳 😳


    i have to go order a cake for L’s birthday in 2 weeks too
    don’t know what type though


    Sainsburys definitely do and Superquinn dundalk would aswell, they’ll even write the childs name on it. They dont be very big though, so you might be better off having it made for a larger party.


    Had ds birthday party on Saturday.

    Got cake form C & B (details above in my last reply) & it was lovely,
    Had a big blue number ONE on it, his name and a Barney & a Tigger.

    Everyone thought it looked great & it tasted very nice.

    Cost €30 & had loads, still have some.

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