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    Hey i know it’s pretty short notice and i know i asked this question before but can’t find previous post
    it’s our anniversary tomorrow and at last minute we have a babysitter so were looking for somewhere nice to eat tomorrow night
    We tried Eastern Seaboad but it’s booked out

    I’m sure i’ll get plenty of ideas here THANK YOU in advance :wink:


    d’vine is lovely. Its in drogheda town centre, across from O’Briens off licence at the back of the old shopping centre. 🙂


    The Black Bull or the Salthouse

    Enjoy your meal and happy anniversary


    Glenside has a lovely evening menu in their restaurant, fab steaks and loads of yummy sides. Proper food and decent portions! We went recently just the two of us and it was really nice. nice bar for afterwards too if you fancy a quiet drink

    If you want to be in the town, West 29 in Westcourt on West st. is fab, we went there a few weeks ago, had an unexpected babysitter, was our first time going and really enjoyed it. food was fab and we had few drinks in the bar afterwards. saturday nights the bar can be very busy, thats the only thing that might put me off having a drink there afterwards.


    West29 is brill
    Was D’VINE – was disappointed in it..

    Scholars is nice too


    Well himself has booked d’vine. Had a look online a lot if good reviews
    I’m looking forward to our first night as a couple out in drogheda LOL. We’re in duleek and between spire, Oscars and Italian when we did go out we stayed local but now we’ve only got 2 Chinese fine for odd night out but wanted something different….thanks for suggestions ladies


    I’d recommend D’vine too- never had a bad meal there- portions can sometimes be small, but lovely food…..


    Yeah, i like D’Vine too. Hope you enjoyed your meal?


    hi meant to post yesterday but was a busy busy day

    Yep really enjoyed the meal – my steak was very pink despite me asking for well done but they were lovely about it, venue is lovely, staff were really really nice and overall we had a great night and would definitel go back to D’Vine – we have my sil and her hubby coming to visit over the summer and will def make a return visit hopefully with them.

    Thanks guys

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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