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    Hi All,

    Im new to this site and Im hoping to get some advice! myself, dh and our 2 young children are considering moving to Louth & just really looking for some advice. We are considering a few different estates and just wondered if someone can please give us some feedback, good back on these places. The ones we are considering are Grange Rath, Wheaton Hall, Five Oaks or castlemartin. We need somewhere with a good primary school nearby!

    Or if anyone can suggest anywhere else that is not too far from M1 as dh works in Dublin City Centre so dont want to go too far. We were originally looking at a propery in Inse Bay, Laytown but have been turned off it as a friend lives there & has said that its gone very rough in the last few years as lots of houses are rented by social welfare & this is bringing alot of problems, does anyone know anything about this, I liked Inse Bay as its near the beachand playground but not if Laytown is rough, sorry but Im really clueless so looking for as much feedback as possible!!



    why do i keep losing posts!!!!!


    Bettystown and Laytown are lovely. If you go onto myhome.ie you’ll see what’s available.

    It’s very easy to get into town from here with the train station and Matthews Coaches do a great service as well. They offer a cheap, regular and direct service into Dublin.

    I go into Dublin from here quite a bit and find it easy for travelling.

    Its a lovely place to live. So nice to be by the beach and close to Drogheda.

    Hope that helps!


    I hate Laytown and Bettystown… well only Bettystown when the holiday makers arrive.


    I’m in Grange Rath and find it a great estate…haven’t had any problems so far and there is dunnes, butchers, cafe, pharmacy, news agents and gym on your door step!

    It’s close to plenty of primary schools and is on the bus route for both matthews and bus eireann (sp) train station is only 5 or so minutes away by car!!!

    Hope that is a bit of a help…


    I hate Laytown and Bettystown… well only Bettystown when the holiday makers arrive.

    Have to agree with Taylor5……and I live in Laytown!!!! Living in Inse Bay but hate it to be honest, gone very rough over last few years, neighbours arguing on streets & sometimes turning into fights with Gardai being called…….all witness by poor children out playing, some of the kids have more maturity than the adults!!

    To be honest I’d stay well clear of Laytown, as for Bettystown I think alot of the estates are lovely but around the shops & funtasia, while there are good facilities, it is a nightmare at weekends, full of scum!

    Have you considered Tullyallen, I’ve recently heard loads of great reports about it?


    hi i have lived in wheaton hall for 15 years and i have to say that i love it here. the choice of schools are great, my doughter went to primery on the dublin road and is now very happy in sacred heart secondary school, both you can walk to. i love that i can walk into town if i want to and that the train station is only around the corner. i could not recomend liveing here enough.

    hope this helps.


    I’m a Bettystown resident, and I have to say I love it…. beach accessible to me, Drogheda 5 minutes up the road, and schools great in the area…. personally wouldn’t want to live anywhere else…. 😉


    try daft.ie. Should be affordable houses in there.


    im leaving in donacarney round the corner from bettystown nearly a year now and absolutely love it. 😀 😀 .my dh works in dublin city centre and finds the travel fine.

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