Where does the airport bus stop in Drogheda?

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    I’ve checked the timetable for the 100x bus and I know it leaves the bus depot in Drogheda but does anyone know if it can be boarded in the dublin Road area (like outside the Black Bull?) or if any other regular airport bus does?

    For someone that may have to commute regularly to the airport but won’t have parking, sometimes at very early hours, it would be handy to get on there rather than have to walk or be dropped in the opposite direction.


    Different buses have different stops, it depends on which one you get. i think you can see the timetable and stops on the Bus Eireann website – or you can give them a buzz.

    It should also say on the timetable at the actual bus stop which buses stop & collect there, so next time you are at the stop have a read and see what it says


    Did i see a new bus stop on the Dublin Road?? Maybe im dreaming, ring the bus station they will tell you


    I had printed off the timetable but it was limited with showing where you can get on and off, so I just rang the depot and the 101 stops at the Black Bull (to and from airport!) so that’s ideal 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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