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    Hi there,

    Just wondering where your kids go to school & why you send them there?

    I live in Five Oaks & have a son who won’t be starting school until 2012 but everyone keeps telling me to enrol him in a school!

    Whitecross in Julianstown & Educate together in Mornington have been recommended to me, what do you think of them or know about them?

    Do you have any other recommendations?

    I can’t believe that I’m even considering this at his young age!!!

    Would be very interested in what you think?



    Hi Edel, i am in Five Oaks Village aswell, my two are starting school in September in Gaelscoil an Bhraidan Fease. Yes you really would want to put your DS’s name down now.

    Our parish school is Congress Avenue so at least get his name down there. At that stage they should be in the new school beside Staffords. Other choices:

    Le Cheile
    Gaelscoil an Bhraidan Fease
    Whitecross National School (julianstown)

    These are the main schools on this side of town, there is a full list on mumstown of all of the schools.

    I put my DS’s names down for all of these except Donnacarney, i asked for an application form back in 2005 and at that stage they were full for 2008 and wouldnt give me aform 🙄 🙄 Mental or what. We actually got accepted in all of the schools and have decided upon the Gaelscoil. It doesnt cost you anything to get his name down/


    yeah you put your childs name down it may seem like it’s ages away but believe me with people moving in to the area spaces fill up pretty quickly, i have my ds down for donacarney (cause it’s our parish but he won’t be going there unless no other school) HEe’s starting sept 2010…..he’s down for le cheile and gaelscoil, either of which i’d like him to go to their code of ethics is great and small classes, i particularily like gaelscoil he’s no. 13 on the list for that year so hopefully he’ll get in…..le cheile he’s either 54 or 45 i can’t remember so it’s really luck of the draw……
    i’ll soon have to start deciding about secondary school, whether grammer school or gormanstown…..oh what decisions but it’s important, so would advise to get child’s name down for primary school asap……once child name down then research into which of your options you feel that suits you better…my son was born in dec 05 i had his name down for school by the time he was 3 months except gaelscoil that’s only about a year.


    Hi guys, thanks for replies.

    I have my ds name down for:

    Le Cheile
    Whitecross National School (julianstown)

    Congress didn’t reply to any of my phone calls or emails (sent months ago). Will try again in September.

    Where is Gaelscoil an Bhraidan Fease?

    Like the idea of small classes but not sure about the Irish. Some of my family went to irish speaking schools & they are totally against it now but anyway that is another debate.

    OMG Scole, i can’t beleive you are thinking about secondary schools already as your ds hasn’t even started primary but i suppose it has to be done.

    Thanks again


    Im already been on about secondary schools for ds and he wont be starting school untill 2010….
    Dh likes the idea of Gormanstown as it has its own golf team etc… but they do a 6 day week (half day on Saturday)

    I heard a woman sent her dh out to Le Cheile the day their daughter was born to put her name down, she has 2 kids in the school already and wanted to be 100% sure that she was get a place…. and even at this she didnt make the list (only the standby list) as all the kids born earlier in the year has the list full 😯 😯 :shock

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