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    Don’t often start a topic but just had to today. Myself and DS were in Scothc Hall this morning looking at a little group of children singing Christams carols. it felt lovely and christmassy. I started to wonder how the bagel bar went yesterday as I was gutted i missed it. then Siobhan and Dave popped into my head. Within a couple of minutes, i looked around as you do and saw Siobhan and Dave sitting straight across from me. (didn’t go over Sabbi, you were both chatting to someone) But, I honestly couldn’t believe it.
    I’ve heard or read somewhere that we’re all a bit psyhic and I know we all experience de ja vu and intuition but this was unreal. i’m not claiming to be psychic, don’t get me wrong cause I honestly couldn’t tell you what’s for dinner today let alone the future!!!


    That was all our little ones singing for the Irish school and the children’s hospice… this morning… and it was probably me chatting to the two of them!

    And yes…. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a co-incidence….. people and events happen because they’ve been orchestrated that way…. 😉


    talk about a coincidence….yesterday I was helping Kerri look for you at the Bagel Bar event!! think she wanted to talk to you about a DS or something like that….so yesterday I was keeping an eye out for you all morning!!

    But missed you at SH today…we were so wrapped up in our two little angels who were singing their little hearts out!!

    Hope to see you in Jan @ Bagel Bar (we’ll keep a little something for you, as you missed yesterday!) 😀


    It is spooky alright , like when you think of someone and the phone rings and its them..

    I had my own spooky experience this week, an hour before I got a text informing me someone had died ,I had actually driven past the end of her road ..looked up the road, and thought ( for no reason at all) wouldnt it be awful if X had died 😐 then an hour later I found out she had 😯

    Not the first time I have had something like that, when I was younger I worked in a shop and one day I smelled an over whelming smell of violets, it kind of engulfed me and no one else could smell it… a few weeks later the lady who ran the shop was dead.


    this happens all the time to me, for some reason i may have a dream out someone then hear news from that person or hear something about that person….

    recently been dreaming of a lady down the road from me when i was a kid she used to mind children i spent many a day there wanting to look after the babies etc, she is a lovely woman, i must enquire about her to see if all is well….

    we all have something within us it’s whether or not we listen to it…..


    well firstly, I have to say, you’re little ones are fab singers. they were soooo cute and I’m sure you were proud as punch of them Sabbi and Cheewieodie!

    I met Kerri this morning Sabbi and we’re all sorted. just got out wires crossed re; Tuesday. And yes, I’ll defo be at the jan one. Kerri said she’d come along too.

    About the coincedences, intuition or whatever it’s called, it really is amazing whether it’s a good thing or sad thing you think of, smell or dream of. we must all have a seveth sense! 😯

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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