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    This morning my son had susages and some fruit juice which i think made his tummy upset. He started acting sad very quiet and down which followed by him throwing up!!! He threw up twice sorry for TMI but my question is when your LO has thrown up but still wants to eat what do you suggest i GIVE him. I don’t want him to throw up AGAIN!

    Thanks Girls.


    Dry toast

    Flat 7up.

    Acid in orange could have caused problem….

    HOPE he is ok, again


    No dont give anything for an hour (bit late posting this now)

    But the general rule is no food for fluids for an hour, then introduce fluids 10mls at a time, if no vomit after another hour you can up the amount of fluids but do it gradual cause if its going to come back it will come back ten fold ie. drinks 10mls 100mls of vomit back and so on.

    After 2 hours and no vomit and child is in good spirits and looking for food then give small light foods, crackers, toast. If its a gastric bug then white foods like pasta, potatoes, boiled rice. and cut out or reduce dairy as much as you can.

    Good luck and hope he is better soon
    7up and tuc crackers are brilliant with the salt


    Thanks girls..well i was giving him liquids more than anything because i got worried thinking he could have caught stomach bug and become dehydrated!! But no it was the sausages.,,he didn’t end up eating much at all besides some grapes that he wanted and he’s good now. He stayed at home with me today some extra cuddles for him to feel better 😀 .


    If it was the sausages he wouldnt have gotten sick for about 12 hours, so it might ahve been something he’d eaten the evening before.

    Ah there is nothing like a mammy cuddle when sick


    That’s what many were saying that if it were the sausages it would have hit him a bit later not that soon. Maybe from the night before 😯 we did go out to a restaurant for a friend’s christening and ate a whole load of treats…well im just glad it wasn’t the stomach bug.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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